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Melodies UnLtd at Round 1, Group B of Seniors Have Talent

Thirteen seniors participated in Group B of Round 1 of Seniors Have Talent on Sunday, October 4. The performances were aired live on Zoom and Facebook Live

Seniors Today hosted the second of the five rounds of Seniors Have Talent, a weekly singing contest created for senior citizens to showcase their singing talent. On Sunday, October 4, 13 seniors participated in Group B of the first round.

Each week, two contestants with the highest votes will proceed to the Semi-Final. There will also be an Editor’s Choice round as part of Round 1, and two winners from there will make it to the Semi-finals. And then there will be the Grand Finale.

Voting for Round 1, Group B closes on Saturday, October 10 at and the results for the first round – Group B will be announced on Sunday, October 11 at the show (Group C of Round 1).

Here were the 13 participants in Group B.

Contestant #1

Gul Thadani

From Nashik

An engineer by profession and a passionate singer by heart. Gul Thadani began singing in his school days. He like tuning into songs by Arijit Singh, Mukesh Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Jagjit Singh. He is part of a singing club in Nashik and enjoys playing rummy with friends.

Song – Jaane Kahan Gaye Wo Din

Sung by – Mukesh

From the Film – Mera Naam Joker


Contestant #2

Dr Ananth Kumble

From Mangaluru

A general surgeon by profession who has a talent of singing in different voices. Dr Ananth Kumble always wanted to learn the tabla while growing up and has a keen interest in acting, in fact he has even acted in a movie. He likes to tune into old melodies of Shankar Jaikishan and Mohammed Rafi. he is also part of a karaoke club and enjoys sports.

Song – Kaun hai wo sapno me aaya

Sung by – Mohammed Rafi

From the Film – Jukh Gaya Aasman



Contestant #3

Padma Lal

From Mumbai

Padma Lal enjoys her singing and it showed as she performed sans any accompanying music.

Song – Meri Jaan Mujhe Jaan Na Kaho

Sung by – Geeta Dutt

From the Film – Anubhav


Contestant #4

Isham Patel

From Navi Mumbai

Isham Patel has recently discovered his joy for singing. He got inspired by his relatives singing on stage. He likes to tune into music by Kishore Kumar, Hemant Kumar and Mohammed Rafi is his all-time favourite. He is part of various online singing clubs and enjoys playing sports.

Song – Sansar Ki Har Shay Ka

Sung by – Mahendra Kapoor

From the Film – Dhund


Contestant #5

Karanjit Singh Bajwa

From Ludhiana

Coming from a family of singers, Karanjit Singh Bajwa found his passion for singing with his friends. His friends and he have initiated a hobby group to encourage singing in young talent. He likes to tune into songs by Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar and Jagjit Singh. In his spare time, he enjoys reading.

Song – Pukarata chala hoon mein

Sung by – Mohammed Rafi

From the Film – Mere Sanam



Contestant #6

Vaishali Sabnis

From Mumbai


It was a childhood dream to sing. Vaishali Sabnis has been singing for past 10 years. She likes listening to music by Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh and Mohammed Rafi. She enjoys cooking, embroidery and was into to sport while growing up.

Song – Tum hi mere mandir

Sung by – Lata Mangeshkar

From the Film – Khandan



Contestant #7

Suneel Alshi

From Mumbai


A chemical engineer by profession, Suneel Alshi discovered his passion for music a decade ago while listening to Pt Bhimsen Joshi. He enjoys performing on stage and music is life to him. He likes to tune into devotional music and old Hindi classics. He likes technical discussions, catching up with friends and singing on StarMaker.

Song – Pukarata chala hoon mein

Sung by – Mohammed Rafi

From the Film – Mere Sanam


Contestant #8

Nirmal Phophalia

From Mumbai


A businessman by profession, Nirmal Phophalia is a perfume fanatic and a big fan of S D Burman. He likes to tune into music by S D Burman, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Hemant Kumar. He likes to write for his community, participate in Zoom session with his friends, enjoys watching movies on Netflix and engages in musical competition.

Song – Beqarar Karke Humein Yun Na Jaiye

Sung by – Hemant Kumar

From the Film – Bees Saal Baad


Contestant #9

Moreshwar Abhyankar

From Delhi


Music is life to him, Moreshwar Abhyankar began singing since he can remember. His role model is Jagjit Singh and he likes to tune into devotional songs as well as old Hindi classics. He finds joy in participation and has keen interest in learning new things.

Song – Man re tu kahe na dheer dhare

Sung by – Mohammed Rafi

From the Film – Chitralekha


Contestant #10

Bhavna Kosambia

From Mumbai


Music is a way of living for Bhavna Kosambia. She is an enthusiastic learner and is a self-made woman. She likes to tune into songs by Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi and likes to collect lyrics. She enjoys travelling and yoga.

Song – Ye shama shama hai ye pyar ka

Sung by – Lata Mangeshkar

From the Film – Jab Jab phool khile


Contestant #11

Prabhakar Raorane

From Mumbai


A banker by profession, Prabhakar Raorane became fond of singing since his college days. He never misses his evening practice sessions and likes to tune into music by Mukesh, Hemant Kumar and Mohammed Rafi. He enjoys singing old Hindi classics, spending time with his friends and work is worship to him.

Song – Pyase panchi nil gagan me

Sung by – Mukesh

From the Film – Pyase Panchi



Contestant #12

Venkatesh Kini

From Mumbai


A music enthusiast, Ventakesh Kini enjoys singing songs by Kishore Kumar.

Song – Nakhrewali

Sung by – Kishore Kumar

From the Film – New Delhi


Contestant #13

Suman Deshpande

From Mumbai


A former banker, Suman Deshpande loves karaoke and plays the keyboard. She likes to tune into songs by Geeta Dutt, Shamshad Begum and old Hindi classics. She is also part of a singing group and enjoys her zoom singing sessions with friends.

Song – Bujh mera kya naam re

Sung by – Shamshad Begum

From the Film – C I D


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And do join in on Sunday, October 10 for the next round of Seniors Have Talent. And of course the results of Round 1, Group B.
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