10 Bollywood Hot Hunks from the Good Ol’ Days

After our feature on desi actresses of bygone days, now take a
look at old-time films’ hot hunks – By Neelam S

1. Dharmendra Known as the He-Man of Bollywood, Dharmendra has enthralled his fans with his macho personality combined with a soft heart. In 1960s he was the 7th handsomest man in the world.

12 Comments on “10 Bollywood Hot Hunks from the Good Ol’ Days”

  1. Rajesh Khanna .. (Jatin )Was Someone so special that I was completely missmerised by his attitude towards being a Hero on screen and being a Human off screen..

  2. Team,
    This article is one of the most stupendous, epic and highly recommended for those who have a flair and taste of what it takes to relish on the making of Bollywood as a great industry..

    Keep the good work up!

  3. Amitabh Bacchan is my favourite as well role model.He’s a only actor who never gave up even after several rejections to get into Bollywood n he proved all his capabilities which was ppl unable to see due to his uneven appearance….n off course that’s the reason I m his fan..n I learned that every person has unique features which makes him stand apart from others n glorifies their other qualities which make them Icon.

  4. In our days, we used to love films like gangs jamuna, ram shyam, karma Arjun, sita Gita, so on so forth apart from Ziddy, Kasmir ki koli. We still remember Rekha with Naveen Nichal in Shaown Bhado. Superb

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