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Caramel Custard - Seniors Today

My version of caramel custard is so quick and my friends, family and neighbours love it. I hope you do as well, it’s non- fussy and easy to make.


1 tin condensed milk 

1 ½ tin water (use the empty condensed milk can measure)

4 eggs 

½ tsp vanilla essence 



  • In an airtight box make a caramel with 2 to 3 tbsps sugar, melt on a medium gas in the tin box or glass dish you are setting it in
  • Turn the box around so it spreads evenly on the bottom and sides. Let it cool.
  • Beat the 4 eggs well in a bowl, add condensed milk and water. Mix well
  • Pour into the box with caramel and steam in a cooker for 10mins
  • Let it cool for a bit, then open and cool before chilling in the fridge
  • Before serving, overturn it in a serving dish or bowl


Enjoy it with a cup of coffee!

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