Food Review: Smokin’ Joe’s Pizzas

Smokin’ Joe’s Pizzas

Vickram Sethi reviews the fare at the pizza delivery chain. His verdict: Disappointing

The name Smokin’ Joe’s suggests an American Cowboy Cigar in the mouth, guns on the bolster and a somewhere-in-the-wilderness restaurant that serves typical American food. The actual experience is quite different and what you get is not what you see. The logo has a cowboy hat on it, the menu on the website is cluttered and you need to wear your glasses to really  read it. Believe me, it’s an effort and at that time I had half a mind to call it off.  The website is difficult to handle , I don’t know how they are still in business, but it is a well-advertised brand . Once the order is placed, the central office notifies a location  closest to the address of the order. It took us almost an hour to get the food


 1. Barbeque Chicken Pizza

There is something about a pizza that you can’t go wrong with, i.e.  dough, hot cheese  and the toppings , onion, corn, capsicum etc. The barbeque pizza had tiny little pieces of chicken, mushrooms that were in equal quantity and some onion along with the cheese. On a rating scale of 1 -10. I would give it a 4 in taste but it was hot that made it edible and it cost us Rs 815. Not good value for money.


2. Vegetariana pizza

The Vegetriana pizza had an American Corn, Capsicum, garlic flavouring and tomatoes.  This tasted a little better than the chicken pizza. The pizza was soggy. It cost us Rs. 520.  Not good value for money for a pizza with such mediocre taste. On a rating scale of 1-10, I would give it a 4.


3. Chilli Cheese Toast

The Menu says four slices of bread topped with a mix of cheese, green chillies and chili flakes. When we opened the packet, we found a pizza with cheese, green chillies and chilli flakes. The excuse they gave us that they did not have bread. Yes, you read me correctly! Someone should have  asked us if we would like a cheese pizza instead of cheese toast. On a rating scale of 1-10, I would give it a 4.


4. Paneer Tikka Pizza Sandwich

This was a huge disappointment that there was a kind of sweet soya sauce with tiny pieces of paneer, capsicum and onion dominating the taste. The menu is misleading. What came out of the packet was a pita bread stuffed with paneer. There was very little stuffing and one ended up eating the pita. On a rating scale of 1 – 10, I would give it a 3.


5. Barbeque Chicken Wings

We ordered Barbeque Chicken Wings (four pieces ) which did not have too much of chicken on the bone and  not a great tasting sauce. Quite bland , I was disappointed with the taste on a rating scale of 1 – 10 , I would give it a 3.


  6. Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate mousse

Something so basic lacked  taste, the chocolate brownie was wrapped up in cellophane paper, I found that very tacky.

The meal was disappointing, nothing even worth a mention, I don’t know how many repeat customers they get I wouldn’t order again.

Smokin’ Joes Pizza.

Also available via food delivery services

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