Recipe: Easy & Delicious Mango Pudding

Recipe Easy & Delicious Mango Pudding

One can never get enough of mango desserts! They are all yummy – because their no-fail hero is mango – also adding other elements to a mango dessert, makes the whole aam affair even more enjoyable.

Here’s a no fussy mango pudding. It’s delicious and easy to put together. As with all recipes, use your creativity and add a variant if you wish. I used cake instead of bread, though the original recipe calls for bread. It was super delicious and added a richness to the palate.

Time taken to prepare: 45 mins (not counting chilling-in-the-fridge time)


4 Mangoes (your choice of variety) – 2 coarsely chopped; 2 finely chopped

1 cup evaporated milk or reduced milk

½ cup regular milk

1 tin condensed milk

Approx. 6 fresh bread slices or pound cake slices

200gms fresh or heavy cream


  • Reduce 2 cups of regular milk to one cup on a slow gas, making sure it doesn’t get burnt.
  • Add ¾ tin condensed milk to the finely chopped mango
  • Blend the coarsely chopped mango with reduced milk and the remaining condensed milk into a purée
  • Dip the bread/ cake slices in the bowl of pureed mango (to moisten and imbue the taste of the purée)
  • Line a square of rectangular dish with the dipped slices
  • Add the finely chopped mango
  • Add another layer of puree dipped bread/ cake slices
  • Again sprinkle the rest of the finely chopped mango mixture
  • With a hand mixer whip the fresh or heavy cream – and add the remaining mango puree and condensed milk  to it
  • Layer the dessert with this cream mixture – it should be a runny consistency and you can use a fork or knife to make pattern / decoration
  • Chill in the fridge for 3- 4 hours
  • Decorate with broken cashews, before serving, if desired

Enjoy !!

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