Royal & Value for Money. The Behrouz Biryani Review

To serve a mass market and yet be able to deliver on time, food still warm and nicely flavoured – is a credible feat, writes Vickram Sethi in a review of the fare offered by Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz, the ‘land of the Prosperous’, a very Persian sounding name for a Biryani.

The website has an extensive menu with the royal combos –   Lazeez Bhuna Murgh and Dum Gosht Biryani etc.  For the vegetarians, there is Subz-E-Biryan, Zaikedaar Biryani, etc.

You have to order on the website: .  They promise you delivery 30 mins. Mine was delivered in 38 mins.

We ordered the Classic Chicken Biryani, Murgh Tikka and Subz-E-Biryan.

The biryanis were warm, the murgh tikka and the classic chicken were both soft, moist and juicy. I couldn’t find any difference in the taste.

The Subz-E-biryan – vegetables coated with a lightly flavoured masala. The rice of all the three biryanis was the same, as expected.

To serve a mass market and yet be able to deliver on time, food still warm and nicely flavoured – is a credible feat.

I would give the biryanis a rating of 6.5/10.

Every chef has his own biryani recipe, which he or she thinks is the best.

In this case, the quality was standardised, came at the right temperature and almost within the time they promised.

The Chukandari Kebab (Beetroot Kebab) cost Rs. 189,  and was accompanied by a little portion of chutney which I didn’t care for as it was more like a mint mayonnaise, but they included some onions and a pierce of lime with the kebabs,  I thought that was good thinking.

The kebabs could have had a little bit more flavouring. I would give the kebabs a rating of 4/10.


Biryani & the Murgh Haleem Kebab (Combo) – Rs. 815. 

Subz–E–Biryan – Rs. 315/-

Murgh Tikka (Chicken Tikka) – Rs. 421 

The biryanis were accompanied by a mint raita and one gulab jamun. the raita was perfectly flavoured fresh and not sour.

They also sent us a complimentary portion of falafel and swig green apple fizzy drink and an after-mint.

I have to mention that the food was very well-packed and smart looking too.

Chef Kunal Kapoor is supposed to be the brand ambassador of Behrouz Biryani’s. I have seen his videos on You Tube and I find his recipes good and his presentation to the point. His forays into royal kitchens sponsored by Behrouz Biryani are worth a watch.

The concept of a biryani meal service is a good idea. The meal cost us Rs. 2150. I found it good value for money.

This was the first time I ordered food from Behrouz and I would order again.

Right from the packaging to the taste it is a successful product.

Definitely a meal I would order again.


Behrouz Biryani, also available from Zomato and Swiggy

Opens at 10/11am

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