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Is Bigg Boss a Big Bore? Or a Great Show?

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    Big Boss
    Bigg Boss has grown to be the biggest reality show on Indian television, and its Hindi version is now in its 15th season. The popularity of the show is huge, and there are millions who sit up till late watching every move in the house.

    But just as there are loyal followers, there are also several people who despise it. Many believe it’s regressive, that it converts viewers into voyeurs… deriving joy from watching the lives of others.

    Tell us what you think about Bigg Boss. Love it? Hate it?

    Are you indifferent to it? Post your views here.


    Big boss is one show I wan’t watch, I don’t understand why everyone has to shout and scream and be so nasty with each other all they want to do to put each down show others in bad light quarrel with rhyme or reasons bringing out the worst voyeuristic tendency amongst the viewers.


    In Punjabi there is a saying “ money even a prostitute has. (Paisa toh kanjari ka pass bhi hota hai) salman khan may make a lot of money out of this show but it is definitely not being human.


    Woha what a topic to begin your first forum meet with Bigboss definitely has admires and haters and great TRP’s. We Indians love to stand and watch a tamasha if two people are fighting on the road in 10 seconds there will be a crowd of 20. A story I once heard was take one strand of hair hold the two hand with both hands look into the sky and a crowd will gather around trying to wonder what the chap is looking at. We love looking for tamasha and big boss is certainly a tamasha in the league of Sushant Singh Rajput murder and Aryan Khan Drug trial.


    You are right about our voyeuristic tendency the guys who watch big boss need to take a good at themselves to discover themselves. Good television has certainly taken a dive. You are right about Salman khan by endorsing these show he is endorsing nasty and rude behavior.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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