5 Steps that can Boost your Wellbeing

5 steps to wellbeing - Seniors Today

Simple little things that can slowly but surely better your life

Taking better care of yourself boosts your well-being. Making small changes in your daily routine can be highly effective for your mental and physical health. Especially for seniors, practicing wellness is essential to keep your mood uplifted at all times. Here are some suggestions that you must give it a try.

  1. Laugh – Laughter is the best medicine. Make friends with people whose company you enjoy. A little gossip is not going to hurt anyone. Laugh a lot and even look at funny video clips. Laughter relaxes you, ups your mood and makes you feel good.
  1. Move – Become conscious of how much you sit in one place hours together watching TV or playing on your phone. It’s important to move your body – walk up the steps, cook, clean up. Do some physical work instead of just sitting around. Go out for a walk, meet friends in the park, get yourself a pet and become conscious of how much you move in a day. This is important for the health of senior citizens and it could have long term effects.Active Seniors - Seniors Today E magazine for Seniors
  1. Eat sensibly – Be very conscious of what you are eating. The kind of calories that you are putting into your mouth. Cut out the fried stuff the pakoras, the samosas, the cream tikkas, sit down on the dining table and concentrate on what you are eating and how much you are eating. Sensible eating is very important for the health of seniors.
  1. Breathe – Find something that will give you a sense of calm, relax, do yoga, meditation or simply close your eyes and take deep breaths for a few moments. Again nature is a great place to seek refuge. Are you running around on autopilot? Find five minutes to relax and calm yourself.
  1. Appreciate – Do not be cynical. Things may go wrong but try and look at the bright side of anything that happened today or maybe yesterday. Wash out the negativity and try and find a happy and positive side to the day. Senior citizens must find happiness from within. Do not allow yourself to wallow in self-pity it will lead to more negativity and not good for your health.

What simple things do you do every day to look after your health? Do share with us in the comments box below.

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