6 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin After You’ve Played Holi

Celebrating Holi

Before and After skin-care tips for the colourful you

Holi promises a bright summer. A day full of colourful fun, amazing food, the irresistible thandai, splashing water, dancing and, despite all the fun, the fear of colourful fun damaging the skin. Especially for adults and seniors with a sensitive exteriors. For seniors, the skin is prone to irritability. Hence a quick and easy skin-care regime that would let you enjoy the spirit of Holi fearlessly.

Here are 6 before and after skin-care tips for the colourful you.



Step 1

Coconut oilCoconut oil, Yes! – The universal to-do on the day of Holi: applying coconut oil. It is indeed the magic potion for your skin. An excellent moisturiser and it protects your skin from all the gulaal smeared on your face – of course with love. Apply just enough of coconut oil on your face and body. Keep in mind that too much oil can be slippery and can lead to a fall. So be extra cautious.




Step 2

Sunscreen is a must – The most crucial part of skin-care is applying a generous amount of sunscreen. Experts recommend using a broader spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or SPF 50.  Apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your face. Not to forget your hands, feet and every part that will be exposed to the sun. The two layers – coconut oil and the sunscreen will keep your skin protected.



WaterStep 3

Stay Hydrated – In all the fun and playing with waterm we forget to drink some. We are more excited about the thandai and other beverages to groove on the holi numbers. However, a glass of water every now and then will save you from getting dehydrated.




ExfoliatorStep 1

Exfoliate – The stubborn smeared gulaal that may have clogged your pores will breathe after exfoliation. It is the perfect cleanse post Holi and if you don’t prefer buying an over the counter exfoliator, you can DIY it at home as well. Mix 3 tablespoon of ground coffee/oats, 2 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoon of coconut oil and store in a jar. Scrub your face and body with the exfoliator to unclog the pores. Exfoliating is all you need to keep you skin refreshed through the summer.




Step 2

Keep the shower short – Being in water for too long causes the skin to dry. Especially after playing so much Holi you may feel the urge to stay longer in the shower. However, a long shower will result in drier skin and irritable itchiness, which you may want to avoid. Hence for your skin, keep it short.




Lightweight sunscreenStep 3

Lightweight sunscreen moisturizer – When the weather becomes hot a heavy moisturizer will make your skin difficult to breathe. A light moisturizer will keep your PH level balanced. Post shower apply a generous amount of lightweight sunscreen moisturizer all over. You skin will feel fresh and colourful.



A little effort and your skin will glow. Happy Holi!


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  1. Usually, These tips are quite helpful to keep me and my family safe from the skin damaged during the holi festival. keep sharing informative posts.

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