9 Principles of Healthy Eating as you Feast to bid Goodbye to 2019

Healthy Eating - Senior Citizens

A new, healthy beginning to the New Year

At this time of the year where the party season is in full blast. Christmas is over and it’s time to make New Year resolutions on diet control and abstained from all the good things in life. In nine days like nine pins one by one we shall sheepishly break all these promises.

But all that excessive eating, drinking and partying comes with a cost. When the pudding’s been lit and our plates are licked clean, we sit back, hands-on belly, and wonder who let us eat so much!

Of course, we all know the only way to beat this bloat is to avoid it altogether and eat sensibly, especially for seniors. However, now what is done is done. How can we detox after such an eating binge? Fully aware that the party season is not yet over and winter is a great excuse to party – fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, barbeque.

After all that large quantity of food intakes, one wants to take a nap. For seniors, our body gets sluggish from too much rich, indulgent food. It’s time to get out into the fresh air and get your blood pumping. Exercise not only helps you burn off those extra calories it also encourages digestion, boosts metabolism and brings oxygen racing back into your bloodstream.

Keep yourself hydrated. Water is the key part of the binge recovery. It reenergizes and cleanses your body of the toxins that linger on after so much of feasting. Peppermint tea is a good aid to digestion, reduces bloating and gas while the antioxidants in green tea may help with fat burning. Lemon and ginger tea has an anti-inflammatory effect and enhances digestion, soothes the intestines and eases cramps.

In the next few days, avoid rich creamy food and alcohol. Instead, refuel your body with nutrients. Eat small meals with lots of fresh fruits like papaya that contains a high amount of digestive enzymes, fresh vegetables, and whole grains. Limit the heavy meats, the creamy curries, cakes and get out for long walks. The weather is conducive for a good run, a brisk walk and a pullover to keep you warm.

Just to remind you of the principles of healthy eating are:

to eat slowly,
to savor every bite,
to avoid dinner as much as you can,
to chew thoroughly, chewing every bite 30 times,
to favor alkaline over acidic foods,
to not drink any water from half an hour before until half an hour after your meal,
to consume no raw foods after 4 pm,
to exercise regularly,
to get plenty of sleep.

Finally, hope you have a healthy year ahead. Remember, your health and well-being are in your own hands.

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