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Beards, Boredom and Blood Pressure

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1. 5 Food Tips for the Lockdown

How to minimise food wastage and store your supplies smartly


2. How Safe is Growing a Beard in the Lock-down?

Maintaining beard hygiene will prevent your beard from being a host to Covid-19 germs


3. Think like Buddha to help regain focus and calm the mind about Covid-19

Adapting Buddha’s practice will help bring peace to the mind during this pandemic


4. Keep Active, Be Happier

Exercise regularly to beat the pandemic stress


5. Boost Your Immune System

Eating right will help strengthen your immune system and fight any virus


6. Will the Indian Consumer Change, Post Covid-19?

Covid-19 has set Indians to become more self-sufficient than ever


7. The Happiness of Dusk

Age is just a number, embrace yourself and start where you are


8. Is Covid-19 Natures Revenge?

Nature has its ways of teaching a lesson, learn from it.


9. Don’t rely on hearsay. Common Cold doesn’t equal Covid-19

WhatsApp forwards can be more dangerous than any virus


10. Advisory issued by the Government for the protection of Senior Citizens

Dos and Don’ts from the officials


11. Given Covid-19, what you should do if are feeling unwell

Isolate and take better care of yourself


12. Where is the world economy headed, given Covid-19?

Know about the expected economic outcome over the next few years

Beards, Boredom and Blood Pressure 2

13. How to manage your blood pressure in isolation

Accurately measure and manage your blood pressure at home


14. Laughter can Connect and Heal

Laughter is indeed the best medicine

15. Boredom may well be good for you and your family

Boosts creativity and train the mind to concentrate efficiently


16. As the Lockdown eases, how do you deal with your house help returning to work?

Be kind and show empathy


17. Diabetes in the time of Coronavirus

Managing diabetes right away will help reduce the chances of complications, if a diabetic gets infected with the virus


18. How to Navigate Relationship Distancing

Make space for each other and spend time together

19. Can wearing a mask for long hours affect your health?

Take a breather from wearing the mask every now and then

20. 10 Reasons Why You must not Panic about Covid-19

Being optimistic and taking strict precautions will help us get through this



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