What Jennifer Aniston eats in a day?

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Jennifer Aniston’s secret to looking youthful and fit at the age of fifty

Jennifer Aniston has remained a star in the TV and film world for years. Popularly known for her character Rachel Green from the hit series Friends, Rachel still looks great twenty-five years later. The secret to her fitness and youthful appearance is her strict diet.

 Curious about what she eats? Here is what Jennifer eats to retain her youthfulness.

Breakfast – Shuffle your breakfast menu

Jennifer Aniston does not normally start her day with the same breakfast, alternating between several meals to keep things interesting. For example, she often chooses from a protein shake, avocado and eggs, gluten-free muesli with a banana or oatmeal with proteins. Yes, really! She adds protein to her oatmeal to feel fuller longer in the morning. She boils the egg and then stirs the egg whites into her oatmeal. According to Jen, it gives the oats a creamy texture.


Lunch – Monotonous lunch menu

Jennifer’s lunch is a bit more monotonous than her breakfast. The actress almost always opts for a salad with lots of vegetables and protein. Although she tries to vary her lunchtime meal with different vegetables and protein sources, this meal seems like it can get a bit boring over time. Yet Jennifer swears by this and rarely deviates from this lunch.


Dinner – A lot like lunch

If you were expecting her dinner to have a little more excitement, apologies for letting you down. Her dinner actually looks similar to her lunch. Jennifer ensures she continues to get enough vegetables and protein in the evenings. She eats lots of raw vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, butter lettuce and pulled chicken. According to Jennifer, it also helps to prepare her meals in advance.


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Snacks – A handful of nuts

As you probably expect, Jen’s snacks are also healthy. They mainly consist of apples and nuts or peanut butter. These create the perfect combination of carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein and are also easy to carry.


Cheat meal – Pasta it is!

Jennifer almost never commits a food sin, but if she does, she prefers to eat a large plate of pasta. Her favourite pasta meal is a healthier variant of pasta carbonara. The actress makes it with a turkey fillet sauce, egg, Parmesan cheese and water. She also omits oil, butter or cream. We prefer a different cheat meal but to each his own!

Do share with us how you would plan your meals for that youthful appearance.


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