Don’t let Aches and Pains limit you!

Back Pain - Seniors Today health article

Back pain is a very common condition as one ages, but the reasons could be many apart from degeneration.

As we age, it is common to start getting aches and pains in different parts of our body. It is a natural process of degeneration which starts off. If one has lived an active life all along it would be easier to continue doing some physical activity…. Otherwise stiffness of joints and disability set in faster.

If possible, seniors should include some regular physical exercise in their daily routine.  With more time on hand it’s only a matter of incorporating some interesting physical activity. All one needs to do, is fix a sometime in the daily routine, morning or evening as is suitable.  Walking of course is probably the best with advancing age but if one is up to it then swimming, cycling and some light sports can also be taken up.

Yoga is good too.  It helps in stretching body parts as well as facilitates good breathing without too much of exertion and fatigue. However, the correct technique should be learnt from a proper teacher and preferably practised under supervision. If that seems difficult, then simple asanas and pranayam can be done at home by yourself however practice under supervision can ensure you do it correctly to get optimum benefits. Don’t overdo the stretching extra. Nowadays, there are many centres for these. Find one near you, enroll with a friend and it can become a fun activity. If you have limited mobility there is an option of chair Yoga too.

Whatever you do, start by doing very gentle exercises and slowly get onto the tougher ones. Simple things like raising your hands above the head, rotating arms clockwise and anti-clockwise. Extending and bending forward, backwards and sideways all are very helpful and do only as much as can be done comfortably. Slowly you can push yourself to do a bit more every day.    If possible, touching your toes will help relieve stiffness in your back. Little bit of twisting also is good. The best is, most of these can be done while sitting down on a chair in the comfort of your home.

Back pain is a very common condition as one ages, but the reasons could be many apart from degeneration. It could range from bad posture while sitting or sleeping or some kind of a muscle pull or even osteoarthritis in the spine. It could also be due to an injury caused while lifting for pushing some heavy objects we end up doing such things as often there is no one to help us.

Aching joints are common as muscles become stiffer and less flexible. Consult a qualified doctor and check if anti-inflammatory medicines can be had by you as they can help soreness. There are also injections for topical problems. Alternative medication therapies and light exercise all help to remove stiffness and give mobility easing the pain at least to carry out ones daily chores.

Some doctors even recommend warm and cold packs alternatively along with light massage with some oil or ointments. A balanced diet goes a long way in keeping one healthy and fit. Fibres in your diet become a must for a healthy bowel movement after a certain age. Many people don’t realise that even headache they get could be due to constipation.

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