Health Benefits of Eating More Vegetables and Less Meat

Health Benefits of Eating More Vegetables and Less Meat

Going meatless on weekdays can have a protective effect on your body

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), high amount of meat consumption increases health risk. While eating meat has its health benefits, regular intake of red meat and processed meat increases risk of heart disease, endocrine disease and various other diseases. 

Data from some ten studies estimated that every 50gms portion of processed meat eaten regularly increases risk of cancer by 17 per cent.  However, a diet with more vegetables and less meat can strike a balance and have a protective effect on your body. That is eating meat once or twice a week or over the weekend and eating more vegetables on weekdays can reap you the health benefits. 


Health benefits of eating meat twice a week

– Great source of protein that will keep you fuller for longer

– Packed with essential nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin B, zinc, iron and selenium.

– Red meat has high amount of iron which prevents anaemia

– Lean meat helps maintain a healthy weight


Health benefits of eating vegetables on weekdays

– When you add more vegetables to your diet it improves nutrition and reduces risk of various diseases and regulates blood sugar levels

– All the essential nutrients Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, folic acid, Vitamin A, calcium, fibre and potassium are taken care of when you consume vegetables on most days

– Helps you keep your weight in check and it easy on your gut health


Why is processed meat bad for your health?

Processed meat is preserved by adding artificial preservatives, high amount of salt, smoking and curing. Foods such as sausages, ham, salami, smoked meat are some examples of processed meat. Processed meat is often high in saturated fat and salt and is low on nutritional value. This causes more harm than good to your body. However, frozen meat that is mechanically processed – by cutting and slicing is not processed (meat bought from the supermarket).

– Processed meat increases the risk of health conditions – heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure

– It is high in sodium content to improve flavour and to cut down the risk of food poisoning

– It is packed with preservatives to retain the colour of the meat


5 ways to eat more vegetable and cut back on meat

1. Strike a balance – Plan your diet around vegetables on weekdays and on weekends you can replace it with meat. 

2. Opt for meaty quality vegetables – If you crave meat during the weekdays, trying using vegetables that gives meaty effect such as mushrooms, or jackfruit, or soya chunks.

3. Plant-based protein – Beans are an excellent source of protein and packed with fibre that makes your gut happy. When you cut down on meat during weekdays it is important that you replace it with plant-based protein.

4. Replace meat with your favourite vegetable – If you enjoy chicken stir fry, you can replace it with tofu or soya chunks with a lot of vegetables. 

5. Stick to vegetarian dinner – If you eat meat during day time, try to avoid eating more meat for dinner, instead have something simple and light that is easy on your stomach.

The idea here is to be flexible about food choices. A good balance of vegetables and meat will make you strong and keep your taste buds satiated.

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