Health Live @ Seniors Today with Dr Mukesh Batra

Health Live @ Seniors Today with Dr Mukesh Batra

Well-known homeopath Dr Mukesh Batra explains the benefits of homeopathy and addresses questions related to Covid-19 and healthcare for senior citizens

On Saturday, August 29, 2020, Dr Mukesh Batra,  well-known homeopath and Padma Shri recipient, addressed questions on homeopathy, Covid-19 pandemic and care for senior citizens.

Dr Mukesh Batra is a pioneer of modern homeopathy in India. He brought standardisation and modern technology to a largely informal homeopathy practice. He has 225 clinics across 133 cities including London and Dubai and has impacted the lives of over 15 lakh people worldwide. He has had some of the longest running television shows on homeopathy and health on Doordarshan and Zee TV in India and in Europe. 

 Dr Batra has also made immense contributions to society through the Dr Batra’s Positive Health Foundation. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Batra has preemptively distributed over a crore crore prophylactic homeopathy doses. These include 20 lakh doses free-of-cost to the Maharashtra Police personnel and their families, and sponsored 24 lakh doses towards NGO Aarzoo for distribution in containment areas and 14 lakh doses to Rotary Club of Bombay.

Here are the takeaways from Health Live @ Seniors Today with Dr Mukesh Batra

1. Live longer but healthier – A long life should be a healthy and fit life. Today there is a rise in senior citizen population, 12% of world population is of senior citizens and in the near future it is going to be 22%. A large number of seniors suffer from some or the other chronic conditions. Hence it is essential that you start taking care of your health today. The soon the better, taking care of yourself will help you live long and lead an independent life.

2. Homeopathy v/s Allopathy – Homeopathy is an alternative medicine that is laid on the principle of ‘like cures like’. It focuses on healing the root cause of the symptom without effecting the natural body defence. Allopathy on the other hand is science of opposites. It is a conventional medicine practice to treat a disease with drugs. These drugs act on treating the symptoms in the process of healing. Prolonged usage of allopathy can have an effect on your natural body defence.

3. Homeopathy v/s Ayurveda – Homeopathy and Ayurveda both are natural forms of medicine, however, the action, process and function of the medicine are completely different. Ayurveda uses raw herbs whereas in homeopathy, a drop of herb is diluted to produce very small doses.

4. Homeopathy helps build immunity – As the principle is ‘like cures like’, homeopathic treatment functions as a vaccine. It consists of minuscule quantity of the ailment which overtime helps your body to build antibodies against the disease. It focuses on the root cause of the symptoms strengthening your immunity and build natural resistance.

5. Medicine of mind and body – In today’s day and age your state of mind has a huge impact on your health, certain symptoms are caused due to psychological burden – stress, anxiety, depression. Homeopathy recognises psychosomatic problems in each patient. In homeopathy each prescription is personalised according to the person’s physical, medical and mental health. 

6. Homeopathy and pandemics – The use of homeopathy in the history of pandemics has shown promising results, for instance during the Spanish flu, the mortality rate with homeopathy was 1.05% while with allopathy it was 30%. The philosophy of homeopathy works to build general immunity or specific immunity to fight the virus. So, homeopathy medicine will help build antibodies to strengthen your body resistance to any kind of infection.

7. Arsenicum album 30 for Covid-19 – For asymptomatic and mild symptoms of Covid-19 homeopathy is effective. This is something recommended by the government – Ministry of Ayush, to prevent Covid-19. So, you can consume five pills once a day for three consecutive days once a month. Then you repeat it after a month. This medicine works well for all age groups, expect in babies instead of pills you can opt for liquid-based medicine. Keep in mind that you refrain from eating or drinking anything half an hour before and after.

8. Solution for enlarged prostates – A common problem among senior men. Enlarged prostates are one of the reasons that can lead to cancer in men. People suffering from this problem should get a blood test known as PSA – prostate-specific antigen to rule out cancer risk. For benign inflammation, you can opt for homeopathic medicines such as Sabal Serrulate. This medicine is clinically approved to reduce enlarged prostates. 

9. Kali Phos 6x for anxiety – The Covid-19 scare has affected many with anxiety and depression. If you are feeling anxious more than usual, you can opt for KaliPhos 6x to keep yourself calm and overcome the scare. 

10. Build immunity – The right time to build immunity is when you are well, that’s the time when your body is most receptive to strengthening immunity. When you are suffering from any infection your vitality is low hence it becomes difficult to strengthen your immune system. The best time to build immunity is when you are young, for instance if you strengthen your immunity at 50 years of age chances of you falling sick in your 70s and 80s is low because you have built a strong immunity. 

11. Homeopathic nutrients as supplements – Homeopathy has a sub-division known as bio-chemistry. It has salts that takes care of nutrient and vitamin deficiency. 

12. Eczema is psychosomatic – To cure chronic eczema you need to visit a professional homeopath since the disease requires holistic treatment. Most eczema cases are caused due to psychological pressure and this needs to be identified, simply applying ointment may provide with temporary relief but to cure eczema it is essential to identify the root cause. 

13. Asthma is psychosomatic – Asthma is considered a physical ailment. However, your psychological health plays a key role in asthmatic episodes. For instance, you have a mild shortness of breath, this rises your anxiety levels and can lead to an intense asthma attack. In homeopathic treatment, the prescription is designed specifically for your conditions and over a period of months you will notice a drop in these asthmatic episodes. And after a point you will be leading an inhaler free life.

14. Homeopathy treats the person not the disease – To treat any health conditions is it important to understand the cause of illness. If a person has multiple health conditions, homeopathy focuses on identifying the root cause of these health conditions rather than treating the ailment directly.

15. Type 2 Diabetes – Type 2 diabetes can be maintained with combination of homeopathy and allopathy.  The homeopathy medicines that you consume are made of cane sugar, they are very small and they do not affect your diabetes. You can also opt for alcohol-based or water-based drops for maintain your sugar levels.

16. Homeopathic calcium – Calcarea Phos 6x is a homeopathic calcium supplement that you can opt for.

17. Refrain from painkillers – Prolonged usage of painkillers will affect your kidney functions. It is important to understand that pain is a symptom and it is essential to know the cause of pain instead of supressing it with painkillers. 

18. Relief from acidity – Natrum Phos 6x and Nux Vomica 30 will help reduce your acidity levels.

19. Bach flower remedy – It is a subdivision of homeopathy that focuses on remedies mainly for emotional health.

20. Mental health – Mental health often goes unnoticed but it is essential to recognise and take care of it. Homeopathy has good treatment for depression and anxiety. Consult with your homeopath if you are suffering from any kind of mental or emotional ailments as it needs to be addressed for your wellbeing. 


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