Six ways to drive away your laziness & be productive

Six ways to drive away your laziness & be productive

The gloomy weather plus staying home all day can lead to lethargy. Know the keys to heaving yourself out of lethargy by using laziness as a motivation and not a barrier.

The last few months has been difficult for everybody. The pandemic, the lockdown, the stress and anxiety, and the new normal have slowed down all of us. And who does not enjoy the comfort of lazing around in the house?! We enjoy being lazy from time to time but one has to be careful to not get carried away because then it turns into lethargy.


Sometimes, heaving yourself out of lethargy can be difficult especially if you are someone who is predisposed to being lazy. However, there are ways to prevent and rescue you from falling down the rabbit hole. Simple ways of being less lethargic wherever you are.


Here are six ways to put an end to the indolence and boost yourself into being productive:


  1. A to-do list – The first step to get going is to have a list in front of you. Create a list of things that you need to get done. It could include anything from cutting your nails to going for a walk. The list will inspire you to get things done and as you begin to get things done, you will feel organised and in control. Another great thing about the list is, if something was not there on your list, you can add it and get instant gratification crossing it off. Practising this technique will turn into a habit that will ensure you are productive most of the time.


  1. Company matters – Surround yourself with driven people, this way you could get inspired by their get go mindset. If people around you are lazy it will have an effect on you. You could instead help them out by getting them to doing stuff that they like. This will ensure everybody around you is up and about.


  1. Shift in attitude – Just by surrounding yourself with active people will not magically make you active, your mindset matters. How you approach things is a huge part of being active. You may create a list and may not do anything about it, but if you change your attitude things will begin to turn around for you. At first you may feel a lot of pressure, you might be afraid of failing…the approach matters. If you look at it positively you will slowly begin to notice the change.


  1. Fake it till you make it – Confidence is an essential ingredient to being active. If you are doubtful and worried about the outcome most of the time, then you will find it difficult to achieve the smallest of things. Stepping out of your comfort zone involves confidence in yourself and if you are doubtful you may not make it, try faking the confidence. It is the ultimate anti-laziness trick, as it tricks you into believing in yourself more than anything else.


  1. Just do it – If it takes two-minutes just do it. Do not keep it for later saying “it will just take two-minutes”. Keep yourself motivated to get done with small things as soon as you can. That way you will have the momentum to finish bigger tasks. The idea is to prevent procrastination. Doing small things as soon as you can will prevent things from building up, and make your to-do lists less daunting.


  1. Goals with incentives – Being productive is work, especially if you enjoy being lazy most of the time. So, why not encourage yourself to achieve your goals with some incentives? That is rewarding yourself with some lazing time. This way laziness will become a reward and not a barrier. Once you have cleared your to-do list reward yourself with some quality lazy time. This way you will end up having a productive day and feel good about being lazy.


To be active and productive you don’t need to eliminate laziness, instead use it as a motivation. When you laze for too long getting done with the smallest two-minute things become a challenge and that leads to procrastinating. This will only stress you out. Try getting some activity done and you could use some real, guilt-free downtime as you cross off your to-do list.

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