Staying Safe, Stepping Out

Staying Safe, Stepping Out

1. Life After Lockdown
Stepping out made easy, an out and about to-do list for the new normal

2. Study: Social isolation & Loneliness linked to Heart diseases/Stroke
Stay connected. Social connection can prevent heart diseases/stroke.

3. 7 Tips to Ensure your Domestic Air Travel is Safe & Secure
Guidelines and safety measures for Covid-19 safe air travel.

4. 8 Ways to Manage Post Lockdown Anxiety
Navigate social anxiety with ease, one day at a time.

5. Protect yourself against the psychological impact of Covid-19
Sense of belonging and social support will keep you protected.

6. Webinar with Dr Aditya Agrawal
Advice from leading pulmonologist on how to stay safe as you step out

7. 7 Face Mask Myths Busted
Are you wearing your mask correctly?

8. 5 Ways to Stay Safe in Public Transport
Covid-19 out and about essentials

9. Life after Lockdown
Are you ready for life after the lockdown? Can you order in food, how do you deal with the help at home, cab aggregators, etc?

10. On the edge of nowhere
Something tiny and invisible has brought haughty humankind to its knees

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