Technology: An Indispensable Social Tool during Coronavirus Crisis

Technology: An indispensable social tool during coronavirus crisis
The required strategy of social distancing may leave us feeling isolated and depressed however, modern technology has become a boon; work is being engaged from home, we are connected with our loved ones, we are connected globally.

In these unprecedented times of the global spread of coronavirus, our daily lives are impacted by considerable changes in how we work and socialise. During this coronavirus crisis, technology has become an indispensable social tool, which allows us to practice self-care and engage in community support.

The key strategies we advocate now – coming together as families, friends and communities, even if this means to come together from a physical distance. We are being inspired and motivated by the people around us through technology, that have put smiles on our faces on a regular basis by people reaching out via a large number of online platforms and apps.

As social animals, we require social groups and the importance of being connected is so crucial in times like these. It also allows us to get an insight into different perspectives; the empty supermarket shelves in our communities may not be viewed as catastrophically as they otherwise may have been in a different era.

Technology is a fantastic way of exploring. If you cannot step out you don’t have to sit ideal you have the privilege to take a plunge into technology; Google, YouTube, Netflix, Live News Broadcasts, you name it. You can learn anything you desire just by staying home.

While the nation is in a lock-down you can sit on the couch and talk to your loved ones across the country. If you feel the need to socialise or have friends and family for lunch? Plan it out with your dear ones and get them on Skype.

We are socializing but digitally!

Stay Home, Stay Connected.

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