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10 Habits of Happy People

Happiness is taking one day at a time to do things that make you feel energised

There is that friend who always seems content with life and is happy in general. Their vibe is something that makes everybody around them positive, comfortable and happy. They are full of energy getting things done one after the other and you may wonder how they are keeping up with the enthusiasm and the excitement. Well, you may think probably this friend is living the perfect life – no ups and downs, nothing to worry about, everything taken care of, however, being happy and full of energy is all about cultivating the correct habits. 

 You can be happy too. If you choose to make the effort and trust the process. Happiness is things that one does that creates a flow of happy energy. It keeps you occupied and gives you a purpose of living.

Here are ten habits of happy people, which you can follow too:


– Eating right – Good food is something that has the power to alleviate worries. It is no secret that good food can improve your mood and reduce stress. But getting creative with food and eating healthy is something happy people often do. Diet plays an important role when it comes to being happy – fresh produce, seasonal fruits, premium dark chocolate, and mindful eating, finding pleasure in food the right way will make you happy, just get creative and have fun with recipes. 

– Regular exercise – Sweat it out! Have you noticed your mood is usually uplifted after your workout session? Exercise has been linked with happiness. Happy people make a point to sweat it out every day, even if it’s just going for a 15-minute walk. Whether you enjoy walking, yoga, or low impact workouts, or just dancing to your favourite song will cheer you up. When you move your body and sweat a little each day you will begin to notice that you are happier than usual.

– Nurturing their passion – Age is just a number. It is never too late to do something you love, to do something that comes naturally to you. Happy people pursue their passions. A passion gives a sense of purpose for life. Whether that is learning a new skill, cooking with different ingredients, practising vocals, making art, or rediscovering yourself by trying something new. Happy people follow their passion. They make it the centre of their lives. After all what is life if you don’t follow your passion and nurture the joy that comes along with it. 

– Practicing  a hobby – Hobbies are an integral part of a happy person. It’s like have a playtime. Doing something that you might be bad at but still doing it anyway because it brings so much joy to you. It can be overwhelming to pick up a new hobby but you can always pick something that is not stressful at all. Hobbies help you dedicate time to certain activity, that will keep you occupied. Whether you enjoy drawing, knitting, or stamp collecting, finding a hobby and regularly working on it is one of the best ways to cultivate happiness.

– Prioritise self-love – When you are content with yourself that is when you begin to see the light. Happiness is an inside job and happy people live by it. When you make time for yourself you are paying attention to how you are, things such as following a skin care routine, regular exercising, eating right and cheating less with junk food often…all these are a reflection of how much you care for yourself and how much you value your time. 

– Spending quality time with family – Spending time with friends and family is important. Happy people take time each day to meet, text, or call their friends and family. A phone call or coffee date with a loved one may be just what you need if you have been feeling lonely. And if you are home and not planning to step out then you can always set up tea time with your close friends over zoom. Finding ways to spend time with family that are far away will spark joy of its own. 

– Stepping out for a breather – Nature is a gift. Going to the garden simply to relax and enjoy the breeze or look at the blue sky definitely uplifts one’s mood. Happy people make time each day to smell the flowers and breathe in some fresh air. Step outside, take a deep breath, and feel the sun on your face as you breathe in a better mood. Stepping out is important to get some fresh air. 

– Embrace solitude – When was the last time you enjoyed your own company. Sometimes having a nice cup of tea while looking at the roses or watching the setting sun definitely helps reset the mind. Happy people take time each day to journal, meditate, and reflect. They know how to spend quality time with themselves without feeling lonely, and they make time each day to think without interruptions. Spending time alone can increase empathy and mental strength, so don’t hesitate to carve out a few minutes of “me time” each day. Because you are worth it indeed. 

– Sleep for eight hours – Sound sleep is a bliss. It has the ability to recharge the mind and body. Happy people get plenty of deep, restful sleep. A good night’s sleep is a result of eating right, exercising for 10-15 minutes, stepping out for some fresh air, spending time reflecting on the good things. However, creating a relaxing bedtime routine and sticking to a regular sleep schedule will help you set your sleeping pattern. Happiness is waking up fresh every morning. 

– Help the ones in need – Helping someone brings so much joy. Happy people are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. From giving advises, sharing insights about life, something as small as helping your grandchild solve a maths problem, or giving food to the needed…there are many ways to help people, you need to find the kind that makes you happy. 

Happiness is a state of mind and not a place – it is within you. While it’s impossible for anyone to be happy all the time, practicing these healthy habits could help you experience happiness.

All you have to do is program your life in such a way that you make the most out of it. Age is just a number. It is never too late to pick up something that you left behind ages ago.

Do what feels good and pay attention to what your body is telling. Cultivating habits that leads to happiness is a road to self-love and that’s all you need.

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