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Fun with Fingers - Seniors Today

Your fingers reveal your personality, experts say!

Who would have thought that personalities relate to this part of human anatomy? A lot of time went into this research, apparently. There are hidden facts that we can reveal based on the length of your fingers.  

The key to crack this secret is the relation of the index finger and the ring finger.  The finger lengths correlate to the levels of testosterone in the body. The three types are A, B, and C as pictured above. 

Like science-backed palm reading, new studies use digit ratio to predict aggressive behavior and risk of disease.

In boys, “during fetal development there’s a surge in testosterone in the middle of the second trimester” that seems to influence future health and behavior, says Pete Hurd, a neuroscientist at the University of Alberta. One easy-to-spot result of this flood of testosterone: a ring finger that’s significantly longer than the index finger.

Here are some

Lower prostate cancer risk 

Men with long index fingers and shorter ring fingers have a 33 percent reduced risk of prostate cancer. If they’re younger than 60, the risk is even less — 87 percent.

Improved sense of direction 

In women, a more masculine digit ratio tends to predict a better sense of direction, backing up past research that found men tend to have better spatial cognition than women.

More physical aggression 

Men with shorter index fingers are more likely to pick fights. Women with the same hand shape are more likely to react with aggression after being provoked.

More risk taking 

Men who experience a higher surge of prenatal testosterone, and thus have longer ring fingers, tend to be risk takers. One example: The most successful financial traders tend to have the longest fourth fingers. These behavior patterns seem to apply only to men.

Healthier knees 

An index finger that’s shorter than the ring finger can be a sign of knee osteoarthritis risk, particularly in women, compared with people whose fingers are equal lengths, or who have a longer index finger.


Just For Men

The following characteristics apply to men only:

A. Short Index Finger, Long Ring Finger

Apparently, good looking guys belong in this category. Handsome and approachable – they are quick to make friends. When it comes to taking their chance, they can become a bit more daring and pushy. However, this trait serves them in the business world as they have a natural talent to make money.

B. Short Ring Finger, Long Index Finger

Men in this category seem to be self-assured and a bit vain. Oddly enough, this type seems to thrive when left alone and is the most productive when working solo. If you fall in love with a man with this hand shape, be prepared to initiate as they are not quick to ask anyone out.

C. The Ring Finger And Index Finger Are The Same Lengths

A balanced finger size apparently means a balanced personality. These men are relationship-centric and cordial, above all else they value loyalty. They seem to be in harmony with themselves and the world and are generally very easygoing.

Do any of these traits resonate with the length of your digits? Have fun figuring… and don’t take the research too seriously. There are many more reasons why we are the way we are.

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