Tuesday, October 26, 2021

If Coronavirus Doesn’t Kill Us, the Hygiene Levels Will

The coronavirus-led Covid-19 epidemic has been declared as a pandemic. But much ahead of the outbreak globally, there’s one state of affairs that’s a killer. Right in our neighborhoods, in the various sabzi markets and mandis.

Fresh veggies are transported directly to the streetside markets of Mumbai and many urban centers. But other than fresh food, what you are also served is dollops of killer germs. And possible bacteria Photo Feature and viruses. The pictures alongside are from the market in Dadar West in Central Mumbai.

Since the consuming masses aren’t too fussed about the way they clean their veggies, poisonous organisms are bound to make their way inside our bodies.

So even if you escape this coronavirus, the hygiene levels of our sabzis may get you…

PS: The next time you buy your veggies – esp greens and where the edible parts are exposed, ensure they are cleaned with saltwater. Mix two teaspoons of salt with four cups of lukewarm water and stir to let the salt dissolve. Once the water cools down, soak the vegetables (and fruits as well) in it for at least half an hour.

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