Lessons from 2020

Lessons from 2020 - Seniors Today

A few seniors shine light on the lessons that this bizarre and unprecedented year brought with it…

David Soares - Seniors Today“2020 was especially designed for seniors. We have spent our lives searching for the truth. 2020 brought it and dumped it right in front of us. 

Thank you,2020.”

David Soares




“I never had a dull moment during pandemic – I kept myself busy by sharing experiences and knowledge, and pursuing my passions like Nature, Music, Singing, Photography, Yoga and Spirituality. I urge everyone to spare time from your busy schedule, invest in a hobby or your passion and enjoy life.”

Dr Parvish Pandya




2-Lalita-Laxminarayan“2020 began like any other year in the past. But the pandemic that broke in a couple of months, brought about a drastic change in my approach towards life.
Health is of utmost importance, and one has to take good care of it.
Importance of the people who support us with our day to day chores.
Importance of moving on par with technology, to enable us to be in touch with outside world.
I hope  I live the rest of my life keeping in mind the lessons this global experience has taught me.”

Lalita Laxminarayan


Dr Satish Chetal“2020 was a tough time due to the Covid pandemic. I have simply learnt to be more careful about the health issues.
Life is simple without many luxuries.
Social and family interactions are very important.
We only need optimal money.
It’s better to go for our passion for music, arts and other activities.”

Dr Satish Chander Chetal




Abraham-Thomas“There is one thing that I have learnt from the year 2020.
If due diligence is given for personal hygiene, social distancing and wearing a mask when facing another person, then one can find time and resources to be generous to the needy and the unfortunate unconditionally.”

Abraham Thomas





Maheshwar-Katre“2020 has been a year where everyone had a very apprehensive life. It taught us not to lose hope and also to dream as we all believed life is soon going to be better. It also cautioned us that we had been polluting our planet for too long and we must take this aspect seriously. With every Sunrise there is a new hope and a new dream. Let us welcome the New Year with open arms. I am sure that ‘2021’ will be renamed as ‘2020 won’… as we will learn to win over our shortcomings.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.”

Maheshwar Katre

TGRamakrishnan“Life always presents challenges. 2020 was one such year of the century where it brought all our activities to a standstill. Despite this, we all learned to adjust to a new norm of life and sailed through it without realising how fast time has gone by. That’s human mind power!!”

T G Ramakrishnan




Arun-Mathur“Year 2020, has taught us that Nature, a creation of God, has to be protected/respected; otherwise, it can revolt in the shape of pandemics, earthquakes, cyclones etc. 2020, besides underlining the importance of maintaining hygiene, has also necessitated the extended use of technology in the form of work from home, video conferencing/ meetings, virtual teaching and trainings and online competitions etc.”

Arun Kumar Mathur


Sunil Naik2020 has been one of the toughest years that mankind has been faces in a century. In World War II, people knew who the enemy was and where. The Covid-19 in contrast was invisible, attacked free will, anywhere, anytime. People have their lives, life disrupted, many commercial organisations shut down, unemployment erupted, poor became more poor and nearly 140 million migratory workers in India, who walked 200- 1000 km from the cities to their villages. Obviously, 2020 belongs to scientists, doctors, medical staff and nurses who saved the lives while risking their own. They deserve a standing ovation.

However, dark clouds have silver linings. We see some positive experiences and responses from this unforgettable and unforgiving year 2020. Many, if not most of Senior Citizens. have spent their time with young family members that are not otherwise possible, it’s just a mealtime companion. The Plight of migrant made their way to their home due to fear of viruses resulting low pollution, empty streets, reclaiming wildlife. Many commercial organisations, financial services, IT companies boost for remote working environment. Many companies stepped up hiring women as WFH allows greater flexibility to women who have been otherwise making carer compromising to childcare, elder care and other family commitments.

Last but not the least, we we see a more reflective version of our old selves as we apply the wisdom that we have gained from this experience to new context. It all depends on whether 2021 has somewhat more optimistic scenario for us.”

Sunil Naik

KRaman“My reflection of 2020

2020 may be remembered, not so kindly. However, it did bring to fore one Indian’s major traits – to raise to occasion. Many, me including, did what we could, in our little way -by providing food & water to the police personnel standing guard near our houses or making arrangement for Maid’s children with phones and net for online classes or paying one’s driver without using his services etc.  YES 2020 DID, RE-TEACH ME TO GIVE BACK TO THE SOCIETY.”

KV S Raman


Shabnam-Ladak“Always count your blessings” is the main lesson that 2020 has taught me …. And “be grateful” for all “his” blessings! 

Good health, loving family and friends…  “gratitude ” helps us to focus on what we “have”… Rather than crib about what we “don’t have” 

Shabnam Ladak

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