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Lingua Indica | मराठी म्हणी – Proverbs in Marathi

In a new weekly series, we bring you 10 popular proverbs from across Indian languages. This week, Shobha Dravid lists the common ones in Marathi. 

These are common proverbs in Marathi. Often they have equivalents in our regional languages.

1. मला पहा आणि फुलं वहा.
The moment you see me you should offer flowers to me, in other words praise me.

2. श्रीराम गोसावी, पोरं तर असावी, जवळ बसावी पण जेवायला नसावी.
Gosavi means an itinerant beggar. He feels like having children(पोरं ), they should sit next (जवळ)to him, but not be around for meals.

3.आयता बिळावर नागोबा
A snake occupies a readymade burrow dug  by another creature.
Taking advantage or credit for someone else’s efforts.

4. सत्रा साडे (saris)तरी भागुबाईचे कुले(bottoms) उघडे (uncovered).
Same as saying I don’t have a rag to my back when you have tons of clothes. Bhagubai was a generic name given to a woman, a kind of pejorative.

5. वासरात लंगडी गाई शहाणी.
A lame  cow is smart amongst calves.
A person with little knowledge is considered wise among fools.

6. लेकी (daughter)बोले सुने (d-in-law)लागे.
Addressing a taunt or remark to a daughter when it’s meant to be overheard by the daughter in law, for whom it’s meant.

7.लग्न (marriage)बघावे (see) karun(do) आणि घर बघावे बांधून.
You learn a lot from marrying and also from building a house.

8.रात्र थोडी आणि सोंग फार.
The night is short and too much to do.

9. मन चिंती ते वैरीही न चिंती
The mind imagines what even the enemy won’t.

10. भाटाlला दिली ओसरी (veranda) भट हात पाय पसरी.
You give an inch and they take a mile



Next Saturday: Gujarati Proverbs

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