Reminiscing: Abraham Thomas on ‘Pay Back Time’


This was, Pay Back Time, to all what Mummy did for us. So, I decided to embrace retirement after working for 26 years, writes our reader, Abraham Thomas.

I commenced my service as lecturer in ITI, Pune. After two months, I received an offer to work with The Bahrain National Oil Company (BANOCO), Bahrain as their founder employee.

My Daddy fell ill and got hospitalised. My Mummy was totally depended on Daddy. I had two sisters studying in college, at that time. I had to choose between my career and service to my Mummy and sisters. I chose to return to Pune in 1985 after seven and a half years’ service with BANOCO.  This way I could be with Daddy in his last days and take care of family. In 1984, Daddy got me married to Susan. Daddy left us in 1985.

I got my sisters educated, found jobs for them, and got them married. God blessed Susan and me with two daughters. Both are married.

In 1985, I joined Tarmat Limited Mumbai, an Infrastructural and Engineering company, specialized in airport runways and national highways. Tarmat has taken good care of me. I was very happy.

In 2011 Mummy fell and broke her Tibia (bone below kneecap). She was bed ridden. Once again, I got into a difficult situation, to choose between comfort and service to family. Mummy had taken great challenges and sacrifices to bring up my siblings and me grow. My wife Susan has been teaching in one of the best schools in Pune, St. Mary’s School.

This was, ‘Pay Back Time’, to all what Mummy did for us. So, I embraced retirement in 2011. I worked for 26 years with Tarmat Ltd. and retired as General Manager HR.

I could take care of Mummy for two years. She left us in 2013.

Singing has been my passion. I like to entertain my friends and relatives. I have not done formal training in music. Mummy was my Guru. Susan is my inspiration.

Born in Kerala, got educated in Goa, now living in Pune. Today, Seniors Today has given me an opportunity to connect with new friends through music, for which I shall remain ever grateful.

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Abraham Thomas

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