Reminiscing: Dr Vimal Chauhan


I am Dr. Vimal Chauhan – participant of Seniors Got Talent Season 3. I am a retired doctor and worked for Employee State Insurance, Hyderabad for 35 years.

When I watched Seniors Got Talent on Facebook, I felt so good watching seniors singing old melodies and seeing the joy on their lovely faces bought nostalgic feelings. I also thought of giving it a try and so I did!


I have always been fascinated by music as my growing years were spent idling over old melodies and singing them trying to outdo my cousins who sang with me. I was born in a big reputed, agricultural joint family in Ghatnandoor in Amdajogai – a small village in Marathwada. We were a total of 35-40 members in our big happy family. In all respects, it was no less than a Gokuldham. I still miss those times and those lovely years which just passed in a whiff. My father owned the cinema theatre “Mohan Talkies” in Ambajogai. There was Parda system in the theatre where there was a partition between males and females unlike the swanky PVRs which we see nowadays. All of us children never missed even a single movie. That era which was dominated by family emotional dramas – there was only one parameter to decide how good a movie is – whether it makes you cry. It is a soothing thing to cry in a movie and then have a beautiful smile which signifies a satisfying feeling of contentment. Along with the emotions, the songs of those era are etched deep within my soul and we (cousins) were always singing and dancing on those songs always looking for an opportunity to soothe our hearts by singing every note of a song perfectly. On our holidays, we played “Cinema-Cinema” which was “Antakshari” combined with our ability to recite the iconic dialogues from the movies. That was our own TALENT HUNT version which consumed most of our idle time in our lovely childhood. 

Post Marriage

Post my marriage, I came to the land of “Tehzeeb” and “Biryani” – Hyderabad and joined Employee State Insurance with my husband and retired from there in 2009. My husband was also an avid music lover and we sang together in our idle time listening to the radio. He bought the keyboard, tabla and guitar after our retirement and we even had a teacher who came to teach him the keyboard. He left us last year after some health issues. 

Today, I am playing the same keyboard which he used to play – I believe he has given me a clue of how I should spend my time after him. Since I closed my private clinic due to Covid  for the last one year, I have been spending all my time singing and playing musical instruments. I have the same teacher teaching me keyboards who taught my husband and I also have a music teacher who is teaching me classical music.

Seniors Have Talent

I never miss Seniors Have Talent. It gives me so much happiness and nostalgia taking me back to my childhood and “Mohan Talkies” days. I encouraged all my friends and relatives to participate in this wonderful program. Would like to thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. 

I strongly believe that music reduces our stress and is even helpful in treating Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other old age-related issues. My four grandchildren encourage me a lot in my singing efforts and even my daughter is a fabulous singer. She is the one who helps me get my notes and modulations right. I am eagerly waiting to see the next “JIYA ki Geetmala”. Jiya is such a wonderful and fabulous host. The other members of the team are equally great and cooperative. Your webinars on health issues are also a great initiative and kudos to the team organizing them.

I pray to god for keeping us all safe during these troubled times by sending love, light, healing, and positive energy to all of us.

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