Reminiscing: Vag Nagesh Shenoy


After my retirement, I have kept myself busy with my hobbies, and I find that time passes very pleasantly…

My Life Story

My name is Vag Nagesh Shenoy.I am 64 years old.I am a retired bank employee of The Sarasawat Co op bank ltd.I am presently staying in Mangalore which is my native place.


My singing journey

I started my singing hobby after retirement at the age of 60. Earlier,I was a “bathroom singer.”

I started to sing more seriously on the Smule application on my mobile. Everyday,I used to record 4 to 5 songs on an average.This practice made my voice quality as well as singing talent better,day after day.Also,I started singing in Star maker application on my mobile.

Afterwards,I started to participate in many singing competitions.I participated in Seniors talent singing competition twice,twice in Voice of GSB singing competition,GSB singing awards competition,Surprize studio singing competition,Voice of Brahmari singing competition & Ekal voice of singing competition.

I also joined three musical clubs viz,Amgele studio,Raag & Rhythm musical club & Balaji studio.There,I got stage confidence to sing in front of the public as well.

My Hobbies keep me going as well…

Along with singing,I am also a budding artist.I am doing pencil sketches as well as paintings. Also,I learned cooking by using google. I prepared many dishes including sweet dishes,especially,Sheera & carrot halwa.

I enjoy gardening at home.I have planted a variety of plants in our galleries. I practice meditation as well as yoga, everyday.

After retirement,I have kept myself busy with my hobbies ,so that,my time passes very quickly & pleasantly.

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