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When The Mind is Willing - Seniors Today
For people experiencing more and more ‘senior moments’, online gratification is
probably best – By Kersie Gandhi.


Porn then was simply a ‘State of Existence’ for most male teenagers.

A red haze of ever-present lust; the inability to focus on anything other than the ever
throbbing fiery lump in one’s pants that blocked out every emotion other than hunger; the
utter helplessness in grappling with the Demon named ‘Raging Hormones’ aka “Electric
Hips”; the willingness to hump anything even vaguely female, to name a few of the
symptoms that made sure everything was porn.

Even the subject ‘Vitamins & Hormones’ was viewed as a porn statement, in that one
couldn’t hear a Vitamin but one could hear a Hormone.

It was a time of life when every swaying hip or pigtail, every photograph of a filmi siren,
even the humble doughnut could cause flushing, sweating and heavy breathing.

It is left to the imagination of the reader, what effect an hour viewing the Khajuraho pics
would have had. Playboy sent more young boys rushing to the loo than all the Purgolax ever

In retrospect, it was a colossal waste of energy but we were truly alive then. Youth is truly
wasted on the young.


Alas! In the absence of the Demon ‘Raging Hormones’, the muscle that porn excites has
relocated itself between the ears. The target has moved a fair distance upwards; the
targeting has not. Internet porn sites are easy to find and many are free to watch. And,
older men, especially, are quick to take advantage of the variety of internet porn available

Since many porn sites are free, they easily fall within the budget of older men. These sites
offer an ever-changing variety that will attract the male brain. From the male perspective,
variety is the spice of life. The male becomes tired quickly after having sexual relations with
a single female. Just like reading the same old girly magazine, again and again, is simply

But the internet is an entirely different matter. A male will revive quickly when presented
with a new female. This variety is what makes internet porn sites so stimulating and
addicting for males. A new scene with new actors is presented to keep male viewers excited
and glued to the screen.

When nothing is left to the imagination, porn just leaves me with an inferiority complex. I
mean, if I merely wanted to see a charging stud with his equipment hanging to his knees, I'd
visit the racecourse and feel some excitement along with actually having a chance of coming
up a winner!

Unfortunately for me, the mind is willing but the flesh is not (sorry Shakespeare).

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  1. I watched porn for one full week and it was all over for me – no interest left. I tried CONFIDO from Himalaya herbal care and was active for some time before it started failing me. I think Seniors should compromise with their helplessness sooner than later.

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