Bikini Babes

Our film actresses of bygone days were not all demure, and we have the pictures to prove it! By Vickram Sethi

#10 Nargis

In Awara, Nargis dons a swimsuit with aplomb. The prolonged romantic scene between Raj Kapoor and Nargis is talked about to date.

Awara - Nargis

Watch the scene from the movie


2 Comments on “Bikini Babes”

  1. You have omitted Tanuja who appeared in a swimsuit in “Chand aud Suraj” (1965). She was very pretty in that swimming pool scene oozing charm…..

    1. Dear Joseph,

      Yes, Tanuja was extremely charming, but we were looking for just 10 and she lost out on that count. Do share the articles with your network and subscribe to Seniors Today for regular updates. To subscribe give a missed call on 7406469469.

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