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7 Ways to make your House Smell Good at all times

Simple ways to make your home smell more welcoming than ever

Every house has a unique smell and you may have noticed how some houses smell better than the rest. Some go beyond the basics to spruce up their homes by buying scented candles, using aroma diffusers and spending on room fresheners. However, it may be tricky to keep your house smelling good at all times but it is possible and easy to retain the refreshing scent with these tricks. The best way to maintain freshness in the air is to start from one place and then move further till you can smell the goodness throughout your home.

Here are seven ways to make your house smell good at all times

1. Leave the windows open while cooking – The aroma of masalas and foods from the kitchen can give your house a distinctive smell of food that lingers till you spray some room freshener. To avoid the smell of food lingering in your house leave your windows open while you are cooking so that there is good amount of air circulation. This way fresh air will replace the lingering odour. 

2. DIY lemon and herb freshener – To make your house smell fresh you can simmer water in a small pan and add slices of lemon and herbs of your choice – basil, mint, lavender… As the water simmers it permeates the sweet scent throughout the house. You can even experiment with different herbs to create a unique pleasant natural scent of your choice.

3. Indoor plants – Beautify your home and get some clean air. Adding some indoor plants throughout your home will not only add colour but also will keep your air clean. You can bring in a mix of air purifying indoor plants along with some fragrant ones such as night blooming jasmine, eucalyptus, lemon balm and gardenia.

4. Dryer sheets – They are fabric conditioner in form of sheets instead of liquid. You can easily buy them online. Dryer sheets can be used to dust your home, slightly dampen the sheet and wipe all the dust, it will clean the surface leaving behind a fresh scent. You can also place these sheets in your closet, dresser and like. This product is extremely versatile to use. 

5. Strategic placement of scented candles – Scattering scented candles throughout the house is definitely one of the ways to keep your house smelling good. But the scent can easily be over powered by other strong lingering smells. However, you can make the most of scented candles by placing them strategically. Place some scented candles in your linen cupboard, this way all your sheets, cushion covers and other fabrics will absorb the scent. This way every time you open the cupboard it will smell fresh and your linens will be scented too.

6. Baking soda for carpets and rugs – Plush carpets and rugs absorb stench like no other, especially during monsoon. The musty smell can be really over powering. Generously sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and let it sit for few hours before you vacuum it. This method works well to clean beds and mattresses as well.

7. Deodorising garbage bins – The combination of ordours from leftover foods and kitchen peels can create an unpleasant stench. Even though your garbage bin is emptied on a daily basis, it requires regular cleaning. Sometimes it’s the garbage bin itself that smells and carries bacteria. Hence it becomes essential to spruce up that bin. Pour ½ a cup of baking soda into the garbage bin while running warm water or you can use lemon rinds and warm water. Wash it throughout and finish off by using a disinfecting spray to kill the remaining bacteria. 

A good smelling house is a sign of clean and clutter free home. There are multiple benefits of a fragrant house. It is a great mood enhancer, it boosts positive energy, relieves from stress and anxiety, boosts immunity, improves quality of sleep and it helps speed up recovery. So let us freshen up the air at home.

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