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9 Simple Ways to Ease Anxiety

Panic, fear, feeling restless, disturbed sleep… can be eased with simple and effective ways 

Anxiety is the body’s fight-or-flight response triggered by stressful situations or when one feels threatened. One may experience excessive sweating, feeling tense and may have rapid heartbeat. 

If unchecked it can cause frequent bouts of worry, fear, stress and sometimes severe panic. These signs in a long run can cause great discomfort coping with day-to-day living. However, anxiety can be eased if you make a little effort towards mental peace and wellbeing. 

Here are nine effective ways to tackle anxiety

1. Step out of your home – Going out for a stroll to get some fresh air is something that would be beneficial. Going for a morning walk increases Vitamin D intake and regular walks is one of the best ways of exercise for seniors. Regular walks increase your serotonin levels – it’s the brain’s natural feel-good chemical. So, step out as much as you can to get some fresh air and change of scenery. 


2. Meditate – Feeling anxious stems from worrying too much about the future or overthinking about the past. Meditation is a technique that helps train your mind to be calm and be in the present. It is a practise where you focus on your breath and let all the thoughts clouding your mind pass by rather than holding on to it. Find a quiet place and sit for few minutes and take deep breaths. With each exhale let go of your worries. Begin with few minutes each day and with time make your way up to 10-15 minutes.

3. Power of gardening – Gardening is a kind of manual meditation. Growing or planting flowers in and around your home will bring you immense joy. It will keep you busy and help you focus on the good. If you don’t have space or access to gardening you can begin with getting some indoor plants and taking care of them. It will not only make you feel positive but also purify the air in your home. 


4. Eat right – Go by a simple rule of 80 per cent vegetables and 20 per cent fruits. Eating vegetables and fruits will provide you with essential nutrients and boost your immune system. You can start your day with fresh vegetable juice and have whole fruits as a refreshing snack through the day. Add foods that ease anxiety in your diet. Foods such as wild salmon, almonds, oats, greek yogurt, spinach and asparagus.

5. Add colour to your day – A vase of fresh colourful flowers will instantly brighten up your mood. Sometimes everything around you may seem dull and grey, so add a little splash of colour to it. You can get your hands on some sheets and paint, look at it as art therapy. Use bright colours that bring you joy. You can also place some bright cushions on the couch. Trying these things would have an amazing effect on your general outlook and can have a soothing positive outcome on your mind and soul. 

6. Read your favourite book – Reading is one of the best way to keep your mind active. Stories have a way of painting a picture that will help you ease stress of the world around you and give you a different perspective. Sometimes self-help, inspirational, or even a detective novel can be a grey way to uplift your mood and keep you occupied. 

7. Creativity – If you feel too anxious to sit and read, there are creative ways to channel your energy. Take a cooking class, learn some dance moves or just groove as you like on your favourite tunes. It would also be a good idea to call some friends over and have a game night of cards or learn a new language. You can also try new things that you have been wanting to do for some time now. 

8. Play an instrument – Its never too late to try out new instruments. Playing any musical instrument will help you relax and keep your mind active. It is something that will boost confidence. Pick up a ukulele, you can buy it online and take beginner’s lesson on YouTube. This practise will help you look forward to close gathering and you can also connect with your grandchildren by playing something for them. Picking up any musical instrument will give some purpose to life.

9. Aromatherapy- Get an Aromatherapy treatment, where the essential oils will help calm your nervous system and relax you mind and body.

Finally, reach out to someone you can open your heart to and share your fears, troubles and concerns with them. If anxiety persists it can develop into depression, so recognise your symptoms and know it’s never too late to seek medical help if nothing else works.

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