Are you an Untidy Person?

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Make your home look like the ones in interior magazines with these tricks

When you visit someone’s house or leaf through that vibrant interior magazine, the first thing that catches your attention is their tidiness. You may wonder, how is their house much tidier than yours. Tidy is how we like our homes to be, but maintaining tidiness may seem overwhelming. However, with help of these tricks you will be creating habits that will eventually turn into an instinctive tidy living. The more you will practice these tricks the easier it will get with time. 

Here are 11 tricks to tidy living:

1. Tidy your bed – Start your day by making your bed in the morning. This is the first step to tidy living. This will ensure having a tidy bed through the day. Also, it will give you a sense of accomplishment at the start of the day. 


2. Prioritise – Make a list of things you want to get done first. Tiding up every nook and corner may feel tedious, so pick areas that bothers you the most. Once you have tidied one area you can move on to the next and within few days your home will be tidy.


3. Laundry – Chair is meant for relaxing and sipping your favourite beverage, don’t pile it with a heap of dirty laundry. Put your dirty clothes in a laundry bag and do one load of laundry each day, depending upon the requirement. This will ensure clean clothes, no mess and an empty chair to relax on.


4. Declutter – Are you ever going to use that broken appliance? Decluttering is an essential part of tidy living. Get rid of all the stuff that you are hoping to use someday. Rather hand it down to someone who will make use of it now. You may feel attached and would resist to let go, but the chances are it will never be used by you. When you get rid of all the redundant objects you create a lot of space right away. 


5. Collection of paperwork – You may have saved all the paper documents thinking it may be of use some day. The thing is you don’t require the entire lot. Plan in an afternoon where you spend time segregating paper documents. Keep the ones that are important and put them in a binder. There will be some that are already digitalised. And the rest can be thrown or recycled. 


6. Designated place – Every object that you use should have a designated place. This way you will find your belongings in the same place, it will also save time. This will ensure a clutter free home because everything you use will be in place.


7. Dirty dishes – The best way to never have a pile of dirty dishes is to clean them right after use. When you let the dishes sit in the sink for longer, they will keep on piling and you will have to drag yourself to get it done. Cleaning dishes after use will ensure a tidy sink all the time. Use, wash and put them back at their designated place.


8. Minimise Knick-knacks – A shelf full of collectibles sometimes end up looking messy and cluttered if there are too many of them.  After a point, dusting them every now and then can become tiresome. Instead keep few collectibles to show and replace them every once in a while. This will ensure your shelf is tidy and make your collectibles stand out instead of competing with each other creating a messy look. 


9. Tidy after use – Tidying your space right after use will keep your home always tidy. This is the golden rule, for instance you spend time on your couch watching television, tidy it once you get up. Small things like these can make a significant difference in maintaining tidiness around your house.


10. Roundup before bedtime – Before you head to your bedroom at night. Walk around in your house to make sure everything is in place. When you do this, you will wake up to a tidy home. This will ensure you remain active and productive throughout the day.


11. Tidy food habits – Indian food is undoubtedly flavourful and delicious however nobody likes their home smelling of tadkas and masalas. Keep a freshener handy or a potpourri bowl would work as well. Keeping the kitchen counter tidy is all about storing munchies and foods inside the kitchen cabinets or storage units. If there are food stains on your table clothes or elsewhere clean it up immediately, this way you will get rid of the stain as well as the odour it leaves behind. Make sure that there aren’t any opened packets of food lying around, this will ensure that houseflies and insects stay away from your home. Taking care of all these aspects will keep your kitchen tidy and fresh.


The idea is to not keep anything for tomorrow instead get it done right away. When we keep things for tomorrow it keeps getting piled up like the dreadful dirty dishes. Tidy living is the way to be clutter free. It’s a habit that grows over time creating a cheerful disposition. When you live tidily you feel more energetic and happier. 

Do share with us your tips and tricks of living tidy.

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