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Clean up while You are Locked Down at Home

Being locked up at home can stir up many emotions and one way to channel these emotions is by decluttering your home

A cluttered space can be overwhelming to declutter but all you have to do is take the first step and the rest will follow. Decluttering is a practice that will help you keep things that add value to your life. Often people tend to accumulate things in hopes of using it someday – I will need this someday why give it away? However, most of the time these things are just stored in a place and never used. So, how about you take a moment and let go of these belongings that you may never use, because there are people out there who will make use of it. 

What are the benefits of decluttering?
  • Decluttering is the first step towards minimalism. Minimalism is a lifestyle that focuses on owing fewer possessions that add more value to life. When you have fewer possessions there is more breathing space for you to move around freely, especially for seniors as this practice reduces chances of accidental falls.
  • Decluttering helps one feel lighter. It helps you let go of the burden of storing so many things that no longer serves any purpose in your life instead it makes room to own things that bring immense joy.
  • Cluttering is linked to stress and anxiety that can lead to insomnia, overeating, depression that can impact your day-to-day functioning. Whereas decluttering helps you feel lighter and positive. 


How to go about the clean-up process?

1. Eliminating possessions that doesn’t add value

This is a simple process, all you need to do is ask yourself, whether this thing adds value to my life? The idea here is to identify an objects/appliances/possession that no longer serves any purpose. Once you have identified its role then you can decide whether it stays or leaves.

2. Let go of just-in-case objects

If you think that you should hold on to an object just-in-case you will need it in the future. That’s a sign that you should let go of this thing, because when the minute you decide to keep one just-in-case possession chances are you might end up keeping the rest of the clutter. So, consider just-in-case as dangerous words while decluttering.

3. Start with actual trash 

This is the first step towards decluttering. When you empty all the trashes around the house, it will get you moving. This is because you have no attachment to the trash and clearing that will give you the boost to clear the rest. This would include empty bottles, junk mails, paid bills that you no longer need, and random things that are not required. 

4. Newspapers, magazines and papers

It’s about time you let yourself get rid of all those magazines and papers that are occupying space and hosting dust particles. We are in the digital era and everything is available digitally. What you can do is get the important documents digitized and let go of the physical copies.  

5. Goodbye damaged things

You may have emotional attachment to that cracked mug of yours, or you don’t want to let go of that particular appliance that sits in the corner because it reminds you of a milestone. You have to accept the fact that these objects have served their purpose and its time that you let go of them. The same goes for things that are missing parts, even though you say you will buy the spare part, lets be honest that ain’t happening.

6. Giveaway the extras

Perhaps you have accumulated a variety of certain things that is not required. Maybe you got these on sale or it was a great bargain, although you didn’t need it and still you got it anyway. Today it is stored safely and chances are that it will remain stored until the end of its shelf life. What you can do is give them away, so that other can make use of it, this way nothing goes to waste.

7. Stuff you never use

It’s not occupying much safe and it not hurting anyone. Well, you need to be honest with yourself – is this thing helping or contributing to your life? if the answer is no, then it needs to go. Things such as freebies, knick-knacks, gifts that don’t define you, uncomfortable shoes, old sheets, books you never plan on reading… donate them. Perhaps these things will add value to somebody’s life. 

8. Abandoned hobby material 

It’s time to be realistic about your hobbies you have moved on from and don’t relate to anymore. Maybe you bought a set of things to practise and create, perhaps you left it midway and never plan on turning back. However, if finding this hobby material reignites your spirit to get back to it, then finish your project that you started. When you take part in the process this helps you clear your doubt, whether you wish you continue or pass it on. 

9. Things of the past

These could be toys of your pets that are no more or your office supplies that you don’t need anymore or clothes that you no longer wear, give yourself permission to let them go. Be grateful of the fact that these materials gave purpose to your life once upon a time. Have acceptance let gratitude fill your heart and let them go. 

10. Expired material 

Check the dates of your medicines, food and other things with an expiration date. Every thing that is expired goes in the bin and you have to be stern about it. This is for your health. You need to do it for your well-being so there’s no room for ignorance. Expired material can cause great distress and should be tossed out immediately. 

11. Object with bad memories

Do not hold on to things that make you feel sad in any way. If it does not make your feel good, then it needs to go out. When you let go of these possessions, you make space for new memories. So, get rid of anything that has a negative impact on your mind. 

12. Old clothes 

Your closet should be filled with clothes that make you feel good about yourself. Having old clothes can sometimes have a negative impact on the mind that could affect your confidence level. Give away clothes that you no longer wear, or clothes that don’t make you feel good because what you wear has an impact on how you feel. 

13. Declutter your digital life

Since you are on clearing mode, it would be a great idea to declutter your phone, laptop and iPad. Sometimes spam mails and unwanted shopping subscriptions can stress you out. Its time that you unsubscribe to such platforms that you are not using. Delete duplicate files, delete blurry pictures, delete apps that you no longer use and let go of social media platforms you don’t care about. 

In such difficult times it is essential to surrounding oneself with things that bring joy and happiness. You may be locked down in your homes, take this time as an opportunity to look inside and make space for good times to come. This practise will help you ease your mind and soothe your soul. 

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