Small Steps to Good Mental Health

Small Steps to Good Mental Health - Seniors Today

We all associate good health with our physical wellness, how fit we are, free of illnesses. Seldom do we give a thought to how we are mentally, if we are mentally in a good place. We need to realize that mental health is as important as physical health.

Mental health is not just the absence of a mental disease; it includes our psychological, emotional and intellectual wellbeing. It reflects in our behaviour, how we react to situations, how we think and feel. It also has a strong effect on our physical wellbeing.  Good mental health helps to be emotionally and physically better, and to deal positively with factors that affect health, like stress.

A few ways of maintaining good mental health:

Live In The Moment

We all lead busy lives, completing one task after the other, all our focus on the next thing to be done. Somewhere, we have forgotten to enjoy our present, to just relax and take a breath and cherish the moment we are living in.

Look at your surroundings, focus on the person you are talking to. For some time, just forget the past, or wondering about the future. Soak in the nature. It will make you feel connected with people around you and your surroundings, reducing feelings of loneliness, stress and isolation.

Take Care Of Your Body

Physical weakness or being sick can cause a person to feel low, get depressed. It is important to take care of your body.

Eat well, try not to consume too much junk food….it causes the body to feel sluggish, in turn causing you to be mentally upset. Exercise regularly. Besides making you feel energetic, it releases “endorphins”, the feel good hormones.

Soak in the sun; it helps in Vit D production, which strengthens body and mind. Else, take supplements, under your physician’s supervision.

Pamper Yourself

Our fast paced life doesn’t allow us to take time out for ourselves, but it is something we all need to do.

Pamper your body, pamper yourself. Go for a spa treatment, give yourself a short holiday. Take out some “ME” time. Have that piece of chocolate that you crave.  These are small steps that will go a long way in revitalising your mind.

Overcome The Negativity

Getting depressed, having negative thoughts is a common occurrence, one which we all experience at some point.

Try to focus on things and thoughts that make you happy, like a song you like, or the nature around the birds. Make a list of things you appreciate…it will make you feel better and positive about things.

Build The Anticipation

Anticipating things one likes doing is a good way of boosting your mental wellbeing. Plan activities that you like and would look forward to – a short trip, a movie you’ve wanted to watch. Make a date with yourself, and keep it.

Do Not Horde The Feelings

How do I reveal my feelings? What will people think? These are some of the reasons people keep their thoughts and feelings bottled up. Unfortunately, they eventually will start affecting you- depression, headaches, stomach upsets.

You need to talk about the things that affect you; let them out. Talking to someone (a friend, a counselor) helps. If not, try keeping a diary. Writing about your experiences, what hurts you, how external stimuli affect you, can be very cathartic.

Good Deeds Help

Be kind to a stranger. Feed a hungry child. Volunteer work which helps someone is good for you too. Trying to ease another person’s troubles will ease yours too.

Plan Ahead

Trying to accomplish a lot in a short time is certain to give you stress.

Plan ahead, keep your clothing ready for the next day; prepare beforehand for a large meal.  Be in control of your situation, it will make you more confident.

Always remember, good health, whether physical or mental, is important for everyone. Do not ignore yourself.

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