Monday, October 18, 2021

Ventilation Tips to keep Covid-19 Away

As we begin to ease social distancing it is essential to minimise the indoor spread of Covid-19, especially when you have guests coming home.

People have begun to step out, meet their loved ones, having friends and family over for dinners, perhaps slowly we have adapted to the change that the pandemic has forced on our lifestyle.  However, it is essential that we remain careful of the Covid-19 virus. 

The spread of Covid-19 is caused by droplets, contact with Covid-19 contaminated surfaces, but also by very small particles knowns as aerosol – these particles are lighter than air and can be suspended in air for longer. Hence it is utmost important for seniors to be extra cautious as you begin to move around. 

Here are five ways to increase ventilation to keep the virus away:


1. Doors and Windows – If you are having family or friends over for a meal, consider hosting near the window. If possible, move your chairs and table closer to the window so that there is enough air circulation. This is one of the best strategies, to keep the doors and windows open for ventilation that you can apply wherever you visit. 


2. Set the air conditioner right – Air conditioners can help if they are set to the right mode. At home you don’t want to recirculate indoor air, as it will only fan the same air around the room. Instead, you need to keep your air conditioning mode to 100per cent fresh air mode. This will allow the air to change every hour. It is also essential to keep in mind the direction of the airflow. 

3. Fans – Having your fans on or near the window helps circulation of the airflow. Keep the fans in your room always switched on. Although, fans can be dangerous if they push the air directly from one person to another – this increases the chances of infection. So, the intent of the switching on the fan should be to increase the flow of fresh air into the room. If you have a pedestal fan, place the fan in a way that it moves from the room towards the open door/window.

4. Portable HEPA filters – While High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters have been useful in terms of reducing the concentration of the virus particles in the air. However, there is no evidence that HEPA filters will help in your home. It may purify the air, but the effectiveness is dependant on the airflow capacity of the unit, configuration of the room, number of people in the room and the position of the filter.  

5. Mask up in public areas – The outbreak of the pandemic traces back to exposure in public area. While closed windows can create an ideal environment for aerosol transmission, studied recommend that all windows be open on public transport to help disperse viral particles. If you are travelling in taxis, you can turn on the air conditioner and have it pull fresh air from outside. 

The Covid -19 virus is still prevalent and it should not be taken lightly. One contaminated person can spread the virus to many. Hence to keep yourself safe you have to be cautious as you begin to move around. Maintain distance wherever possible, wear your mask – wearing a mask can lower the chance of encountering the infection, keep your home well-ventilated, allow a lot sunlight in, during the day.

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