6 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Mental State

6 Things You Can Do to Boost Your Mental State - Seniors Today

One of the invaluable lessons we can learn is that keeping mentally healthy and balanced, helps reduce stress in even the most anxious times

Decades ago, only death and taxes were certainties, but in today’s world we can add one more item: stress. Last year, a series of disturbing events took its toll on most people’s state of equilibrium. 

One of the invaluable lessons we learned was that keeping mentally healthy and balanced, helps reduce stress in even the most anxious times. This in turn helped our overall physical and emotional well- being.

Here are 6 suggestions on how to keep yourself mentally balanced no matter what is going on around you:

1. An attitude of gratitude

It easy to complain about everything that’s not going the way we want it. Step back (clear your head) and think of the things you take for granted. Be grateful for the small mundane things we tend to overlook and take for granted. Find at least 3 things to be grateful for every day.


2. Be Here Now

We are blessed with these super multi – tasking brains that process thousands of bits of information at once, but sometimes that means we miss fully experiencing the immediate moment. Practice being fully present with every moment. Even the challenging ones. Accept them and work with them. We often let our thoughts race ahead to Z when we haven’t even begun A (just an example). Allow the present moment to flow. Observe and take in the moment. Whether it’s a scenery or a simple conversation, you will find a loveliness that you hadn’t noticed before. You feel happier, calmer and more grounded as well.


3. Personal pampering does you wonders!

Take time for you, because you are worth it. A long, warm aromatherapeutic bath. A relaxing massage. Listening to your favourite music. These are some things that help bring balance to your mind. 


4. Honour your emotions.

Acknowledging and processing our emotions helps us heal and takes a weight off our minds. The mind feels lighter and freer.

Journaling is a great outlet. Or write a letter to someone who needs to hear something you have to say (but DON’T send it until you leave it for a few days and reread it!).

Talk to someone you can trust and who will give you good, calm feedback. Even if there isn’t a lot you can do about whatever is troubling you, getting it out will keep it from festering in your head and heart.


5. Be generous – hearted.

Doing something nice for someone else makes you feel good, too. Send a thank you note, even to someone from your distant past. Help a friend or neighbour, or volunteer. Giving back helps stave off depression and some of the self-absorption that comes with it.


6. Organise your life.

Gain some time and reduce some situational stress with a little advance planning. Plan your meals and do as much prep ahead as you can to make evenings easier. Plan your week so that you know what work you’ve cut out for yourself. Set aside time for fun, and planning a vacation as well!

Keeping yourself mentally healthy is a matter of deliberate choices and careful follow-through. However, your reward is a clear, calm and balanced mind and an upbeat mood.

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