8 Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive Naturally

8 Ways to Boost Your Libido Naturally - Seniors Today

Food, herbs, and tips to improve your sex drive

There are many health benefits of an active sex life – it boosts immunity, keeps your mind sharp, lowers blood pressure, helps relax, an effective stress buster, may lower the risk of heart problems and can prevent prostate cancer.

People with health conditions and emotional upheavals tend to have low libido due various challenges of ageing. After a certain age men and women, both go through hormonal shift that causes low sex drive in women and erectile dysfunction in men. However, there are many natural ways that you can do in their day-to-day to improve your libido.


What is libido?

Libido is a person’s overall sexual desire. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality is one of the key indicators of quality of life and general health.

Human sex drive is primarily biological by nature. However, it is connected to the mental well-being and is influenced by the cultural surroundings and norms.

Men and women, their libido is linked to the hormone known as testosterone. As men have 40 times as much of testosterone than women, men tend to have an intense libido compared to women.

Dopamine – the happy hormone, is another factor that boosts libido. This happy hormone along with neurotransmitters – chemical messengers, periodically release the chemical during an enhanced sexual responding that results in an increased sexual desire.


There is no “normal” libido

There are two conditions that one may experience – hypo-active and hyperactive.

Hypo-active libido – When you have a low desire to have sex your libido is considered hypo-active.

Hyperactive libido – When you have high desire to have sex your libido is considered hyperactive.

There is no “normal” libido, it certainly is different for everybody. However, most people experience low libido as they age. While you may not have the same desire as you once had, making some diet and lifestyle changes could help you improve your sexual desire.


Here are 10 ways to boost your libido naturally.

 1. Aphrodisiac foods – Incorporating foods that have potential aphrodisiac properties can help improve your libido

  • Oysters 
  • Watermelon
  • Chocolate
  • Asparagus
  • Avocado
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Steak


2. Aphrodisiac spices – Spices have worked as an aphrodisiac from ancient times. They not only add flavour to the dish but also help boost immunity. Here are some spices that you should try out –

  • Saffron – A few strands of pure saffron offers plenty of benefits and can boost your libido. A study conducted by journal Food Research International found that saffron improved human sexual function.
  •  Maca root – A root vegetable that looks like radish and potato, is found at the mountains of Peru that offers a wide spread of health benefits. Study shows that maca root relieves menopausal symptoms, reduces enlarged prostates and boosts libido in both men and women.
  • Fenugreek seeds – Found in every kitchen household, fenugreek seeds have many health benefits. One would it helps regulate blood sugar levels, its good for hair growth and it improves libido in men. A study conducted by journal Phytotherapy Research found that the spice boosted sex drive in men experiencing low libido.
  • Nutmeg – Nutmeg provides with various health benefits – its an antioxidant, high in anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties and may boost sex drive.


3. Quality sleep – A good night’s sleep is so important for your well-being. Your sleeping patterns can have an effect on your libido. Hormonal secretion is controlled by the body’s internal clock. So, your sleeping pattern helps the body determine and release sex hormones when desired. When one is extremely tired, worn down and gets to bed, your libido is drained out as well. Especially for men, plenty of sleep boosts testosterone levels and helps prevent erectile dysfunction.

4. Healthy communication – For every relationship to work well communication is the key. When you communicate with your partner about yours and theirs’s sexual needs, this can help keep you and your partner engaged and interested in sex. It might be a good idea to be open and share about how you feel. May be the two of you could take some time aside to be intimate.

5. Refrain from substance abuse – Any kind of stimulant may relax you at the moment but it may not help you achieve what you are looking for. Alcohol consumption, smoking… may give a short-term kick, however, it can lead to erectile dysfunction, and decreased sexual arousal. However, a glass of wine (maintain the moderation), with your meal can help you and your partner relax a bit before you head to the bedroom.

6. Exercise – With age body begins to lose muscle mass, weaken and needs to be looked after. 30 minutes of exercises everyday will keep you in shape and improve your sex life. When one exercises the heart becomes stronger, there is improvement in body muscle and blood circulation – that gives you that after workout glow. For men and women, regular exercising can do wonders to your libido. Men with erectile dysfunction may reverse the problem since exercise helps blood flow to the genitals that can improve your sex life.

7. Plan a date night – When was the last time, you planned a romantic date with your partner? Some dim lights or a candle lit dinner, soft music in the background, maybe some flowers, some exquisite chocolates, oysters and good wine can turn into a memorable night. A little planning to spend intimate quality time will definitely spark the much need romance in bed.

8. Consult your doctor – Before you try any tips do consult your doctor. If you speak to your doctor about your concerns you can find ways that will work for you and your partner. Since every person has different libido some tips may work for some and some may not. To keep your options, open consult with your doctor. Try to communicate as much as you can to your partner as well as your doctor. Do not to shy away because an active sex life is good for your physical as well as mental health.


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