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Fafda Files Life begins at 60 - Seniors Today

The dynamics of living in a multi-generational household is no less challenging than maneuvering a labyrinth – one of the mind! Damned if I do and Damned if I don’t… Yep those nodding in assent! These 30 second docustories are PG 60 and above.  Brevity demands that we use acronyms so anyone under 50 is a whipper snapper abbreviated: WS. All Seniors/Grandparents are addressed as GP Brain.

Let’s sound out the below universal scenarios not bound by geographical boundaries.  Ready? LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!


Title: Mere Gehne

WS: “You need to let us make our mistakes.”

GP Brain (foreheads furrowed): Belongings left open and not under lock and key are an arm’s- outstretched welcoming squeal, ‘take me, take me please!’ 

Action (vocalize when the ‘crown jewels’ are gone): “I told you so.”


Title: Vibhavyukt (Pompous)

WS: “Can I please be in charge of my kids’ discipline?”

GP Brain (eyes widened thought – let the kids be kids): as soon as you are in charge of your own confusion!

Action (when alone urge the kids): Let’s have a pillow fight.


Title: Moorkh

WS: Please don’t help them with their homework, they have to figure it out for themselves.

GP Brain (sarcasm in override): The kid is 5 give her a break, you morons.

Action (ensure the CCTV cameras are off): Kid, write down ‘the dog chewed my homework.’


Tile: Gau (Bossy)

WS: Go to bed and stay there or you don’t get to play with your friends tomorrow!

GP Brain (doing a somersault): Idiots do you know what the kids heard? …blah, blah, blah!

Action: (after sneaking them into the bedroom at night):  Hey kids, let’s watch a movie on the iPad and binge on candy. 


Title: Daant-Dapat (Scolding)

WS: I am going to give your favourite toys away

GP Brain: (hmmm): let’s see who gets to the toys first.

Action: (hastily hiding the favourite toys): Kids, let’s put up your parent’s designer stuff for sale on EBay. 


So, what are your takeaways after these mind nourishing, hearts-a -chuckle scenarios about how not to be Bones of Contention or ‘learning to adjust and adapt’ or how not to play dead because life has just started, and we must live it to the full.  A corresponding few would be – 

Lesson 1 – Love is reciprocal.  Key item: Garbage in Garbage out

Love is not a bargain chip, so ensure that the dear ones do not take you for granted. One way is to stop being generous because it can be assumed as a tool for buying love.

Lesson 2 – Advice is valuable. Key item: Don’t give it for free

Why waste your breath? Those two – decade younger whelps think they know everything, so let them jump into the unknown and figure out how to sink or swim.

Lesson 3 – Respect is earned. Key item: Works both ways

Stop asking for respect instead do unto others…gestures and body language go a long way and will bolt you to the finish line as winners.

As a piece de resistance, take the above and spice it with humor.  Do ‘wash your laundry in public.’  You see, even the dhobi has chartered the dirty waters into the digital age.  Catch my gist?  Instagram will be your best friend, especially if you have priceless pictures of the stressed WS’ facial expressions.  

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