Leading Your Partner Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Leading Your Partner Towards A Healthier Lifestyle - Seniors Today

Couples spending decades together start resembling each other, it is said. But, did you know that couples can also mirror each other’s health behaviour? Surprising, isn’t it!

What brings people together?

A lot of factors play a role:

  • Comfort Zone: People, who make each other comfortable, tend to stay together.
  • Similar socio economic background.
  • Diet 
  • Lifestyle: A similar lifestyle, similar hobbies etc.
How couples affect each other:

Whether it is positive or negative, couples do influence each other’s behaviour.

From choice of food to television, couples tend to follow each other … and this shows in their health choices too. For example, smoking…

There are positive influences, where a person losing weight for health purpose, results in their partner losing weight too.

It has been seen that one partner’s efforts to create a healthy environment, like a no smoking policy, reducing fatty food etc., motivates the other partner too.

Researchers studying the health status of couples, using various parameters, were surprised to see a large percentage of partners showing a common health picture: For those having a non-ideal health result, their partners showed it too… on the positive side, if one partner was healthy, the other tended to show a good health status.

What can be done?

Partners need to steer each other towards a healthier lifestyle…be it physically or mentally.

Some steps in the right direction:

Discuss the positive and negative aspects of your lifestyle, and your partner’s…

Set an example…opting for healthier food, taking a walk after dinner. Then invite your partner to do the same.

Make plans together, for meals, workouts, relaxation time.

Try to exercise together, it’s a great motivator!

Reduce stressful environments…if you are at ease, your partner will be too.

Stress usually causes a person to turn to comfort food…chocolates, fatty food; Try to make a different choice…a cup of green tea shared with your partner will work as well.

Consider your family too…if your children see you make healthy lifestyle choices, they will too.

Just give it a start…take the initiative.

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