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A reunion comes with a mixed bag of feelings, it can be an absolutely enduring experience for some and close to a nightmare for others. So if you’re on the fence, go to yours, advises Vinita Alvares Fernandes.

A reunion comes with a mixed bag of feelings, it can be an absolutely enduring experience for some and close to a nightmare for others.

But then there are also two kinds of people; those who become more judgmental as they get older and those who are less judgmental with age.

The good news is, the ones who go to college reunions tend to be less judgmental and go to the reunion with a frame of mind of having a good time, reconnecting with the people you actually grew up with and looking out for opportunities to those you can reach out to.

So if you’re on the fence, go to yours!

Planning a reunion like all events does need time, planning and networking skills. Here are a few tips for planning a reunion.

  1. Recruit a committee, a one man show does not work, its team effort, a team with members of different skill sets.
  2. Assign responsibilities (guest list, finance, communication, food, activities)
  3. Set date and venue at least a month in advance, this gives everyone time to plan business agenda or travel for those who live out of town.
  4. Give the business opportunity to those in the group, it would be a nice gesture. (venue, catering, music, event planning)
  5. Entertainment for the evening is a must, Icebreakers are very important, games such as; Jog That Memory (professors names, Deans, cafeteria food) Antakshari, Dance tag, Spot the classmate from the graduation pictures.
  6. Base your invitations on your theme and colors. Include an RSVP, dress code and estimated cost. (Make sure that cost was not a barrier to people participating. Those who could afford to donate more did so) This information will help you plan food and activities.


“The older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.” Mary Schmich


Completely true! There’s something about sharing an experience from the past that creates bonds more quickly than you ever thought possible.

You will reconnect in a flash.

When you go, make sure to be generous, kind, humble and forgiving. You never know what life has been for the other person. We all have our troubles. Most of the time, we only see our own or what’s visible to the outside observer, but the reality is everyone has problems. Disasters even.

What matters the most is the outcome of a reunion, besides going to a great college or having a great job, we also see the ones who have not been able to cope with life as easily due to an illness, specially abled children or other tragedies that many have had to endure.

Now is the time to reconnect with a helping hand for the future, sending positive thoughts, support (financially or emotionally) unconditional love and respect to all your classmates.


Spoiler alert: Reunions are not just about our things and our status.

No matter how accomplished we are, our relationships and our health are what make us, they can raise and dash our hopes the most. Without these, we are adrift.

Rekindling relationships, especially in older adults can work wonders towards a happy life.


 Burning questions you could be asked at a reunion, go prepared!

– I saw your facebook /instagram page, [insert major life event i.e. job change, marriage, child, etc.] congratulations! Tell me more?

– Who did you vote for? You can ask your classmates a personal view on politics

– Who have you been in touch with in all these years?

– How is work?

– May I have your business card, we could connect later? (carry them along)

– Sport updates, cricket reigns, tennis rules!


So if you are ever in charge of a reunion, do keep in mind,

It’s about getting everyone involved. 

It’s about who you include, not who you exclude. 

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