Seniors Have Talent – Season 3: And the Winners Are…

Seniors Have Talent: And the Winners Are…

The one and only talent hunt for senior citizens celebrates their joie de vivre and youthful spirit!

The objective of Seniors Have Talent is to recognise and encourage the immense talent that exists in the ever-growing number of senior citizens in the world. But more importantly the idea is for all participants to have fun as they share their talents.

We’ve had an overwhelming response and great fun as we hosted each talent show. Season 3 breezed by so quickly, bringing with it smorgasbord of talent. 

As always each participant is a winner, whether they have reached the final or not. It’s their fun spirit and youthful attitude and positivity that shines through. 

We are now announcing the winners of Season 3 and a brief background about them:


Tarlochan Tochi

He is from Amritsar and has won more than 500 awards from different organisations including the Golden Medal in religious singing. 


Renu Mathur

She is a former banker from Jaipur. Music is her passion. Listening to music and singing every day is important to her, as it gives her peace of mind and happiness. She plays the harmonium and has an MA degree in vocal music

Hemchandra Raje

He is a textile engineer by profession and retired CEO from a corporate textile organisation. Very much fond of music from my young age. He has participated many stage programmes in Mumbai and also in Kenya during his 15 years stay in Kenya. 


Krishna Phadke

He is a former banker from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. For him, music is the solution to live life and forget all his worries. He plays the harmonium and synthesiser.



Ravindra Kulkarni 

He lives in Pune. Music for him is as important as the air you breathe for living. It gives the energy to live. 

Dr M K Mukharjee

He is an ex-employee of Ultratech Cement from Noida. He plays the Tabla. His interest is to tour around the world with family and friends.


Gaffar Shaikh

He retired as Deputy Registrar from Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai. Music makes him think about how it relates to life. He is now learning to play the Harmonium.

Mr Sundaresan Narayanmoorthy

He is extremely passionate about music with fondness for ghazals. He learnt to play the Mrudangam during his early child years


Mr P Ranjan Rao

He is an advocate from Mangalore for the past 40 years. Singing is his hobby and passion.  He believes in helping people in need


Dr Vimal Chouhan

She is a retired surgeon from Insurance Medical Services, Hyderabad.

Music has always been her passion. She is learning keyboard with music

Dr Dilip Shah

He is a senior Orthopaedic Surgeon associated with various hospitals and music is his passion. He plays many instruments and also created the karaoke track for his song at the contest.

Rajeshwari Shah

She is a homemaker from Mumbai, who is very passionate about music and fond of writing poetry. Music is a medium to keep her fit and healthy and gives immense happiness. She plays Harmonium

Sanjay Kshirsagar

He is an Electrical Engineer and Management Graduate, worked with various MNCs at top positions. He is currently in the Construction Business.

Rajendra Kumar Sachdeva

He lives in Delhi and is a retired gazetted officer from Delhi High Court. He is passionate for singing and interested in the type of clubs and social forms, where he can shows his singing skills.



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