Seniors Have Talent Season 2: And the Winners are…

Seniors Have Talent Season 2 Winners

“When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.” ― Erma Bombeck.

The objective of Seniors Have Talent is to recognise and encourage the immense talent that exists in the ever-growing number of senior citizens in the world. But, more importantly, the idea is for all participants to have fun as they share their talent.

Through the feedback of our participants, we feel privileged at the Seniors Today team, to have achieved our objective. Season 2 was grueling; but it attracted a whole host of spirited, fun- loving and talented seniors who participated with a true sense of good sportsmanship.

As we share our winner’s thoughts after the final; we eagerly anticipate the next season of Seniors Have Talent…

Now, over to our winners, (in alphabetical order):

Abraham Thomas

“I was thrilled, it was my endeavour to make my relatives and friends happy with my singing plus it’s a hobby that I love.

During my service career, as General Manager HR (retd.) from Tarmat Ltd, I specialised in airport runways and national highways- yet I never had the opportunity to sing!!!

After I retired, I started singing and in the nick of time Seniors Today launched Season 2 of Seniors Have Talent. I tuned up my vocal cords in anticipation.

I am so happy. Today, I have made friends through this contest, it’s been packed with sportsmanship and fun. Thank you, team, Seniors Today. I have made good friends and we have all had an unforgettable experience of fun and enjoyment!”



– Maheshwar Katre

‘’Preparing for 10 songs and being asked to sing any one, was a challenge indeed! However, there was great fun and excitement with the challenge. I appreciate the Seniors Today Team’s effort in India, and abroad – in coordinating a great opportunity which allowed us to learn, enjoy and evolve.

Thanks to the contest, I have reignited my learning of classical music with my guru and life is fantastic- I feel truly blessed!”



– Manjit Singh

“I learned about Seniors Have Talent from a friend about 6 months ago. Full credit to your team, that there are no fees or hidden costs, and this platform is absolutely free. Season 2- brought my family, daughters and friend together in harmony and joy.

I play the harmonium and sing, and this gives me so much joy, I strongly encourage all seniors who love music to participate in this contest.’’

I made friends and realized that we seniors really do have talent but beyond that, we have an immense spirit to take part and have fun, and this aspect of enjoying every moment of your life is more important than winning.

I encourage all senior citizens all over India, to come forward, take part and have the time of your life!”


 – Padma Sahasrabudhe

“I grew in confidence after hearing my recordings. I thought, I am going to give this my 100%, and take this competition seriously. My family were amused at how I used to practice every day and fill the home with my constant singing (she laughs)!

My daughters have been so supportive and encouraged me to participate. My family, and my husband are very happy that I won.

I got to know of this talent show through my friends WhatsApp group and I immediately wanted to join in. I have learnt so much and I encourage other seniors to take part for the fun and joy of doing something unique and different.”



 – Parvish Pandya

“I have seen many groups and seasons of the “Seniors Have Talent”. This is a wonderful platform for all those who are sixty plus on birth certificate but young at heart.

I feel that the quality of singing, as well as songs, are improving every time.

It would be nice not to select sad and slow numbers and rather choose peppy and foot-tapping ones.

Seniors do not shy away from such performances or stay inside a shell.

I am extremely elated and excited to receive this award.  I have been singing from my school days, ever since I was 10 years old. This accolade, which I received after turning 60 plus, has brought a feeling of euphoria.

I am immensely thankful to the entire team of Seniors Have Talent and wish them good luck in their future programmes.”


 – Robin Kallita

“I have been singing since I was a young boy. As a child I learnt the tabla for a long while.

Music is my language. It is my voice and soul of communication-

I retired in 2016, as Director IRCTC, Delhi, and after a long career, there was a niggling voice that kept telling me I had enough, so I finally paid heed to my inner intuition and re started singing.

I sing on other platforms but taking part in the Seniors Today Talent show allowed me to sing the songs of years gone by – which I love. Singing with and interacting with other people around my age group was immensely enjoying.

Taking part, and winning a singing contest, gives me a sense that life has come full circle for me – as there is nothing closer to my heart than music.

To the Seniors Today Team – Thank You. Your contest inspired me to bring alive my love- music and song – and I feel blessed and complete.”


 – Ratan Sawai

‘’ I learned of the Seniors Have Talent contest from my Facebook account. My children and family were a bit concerned and asked me how much it would cost me to register and enter the contest. I told them it is absolutely free, and I was excited to take part in this event.

When I started with the first round, I hadn’t set my sights on winning, but focused on just enjoying the moment, the camaraderie, the fun – and I sang from my heart – which was full of joy.

My family supported me and eagerly watched every round. I have performed on stage earlier and sung quite a bit, but I found this forum is a wonderful place to meet other seniors.

The contest is motivating and inspiring us to have fun and bring alive our talents through a common platform. It does not matter if you are from a small town or big city- what is important is your love for music and song- so I do urge all seniors to participate.”


 – Rooplata Chakulkar


“I was extremely thrilled to be declared as one of the winners. And more so because it was on a pan India basis.

Indeed, it was extremely difficult to decide on the final 10 winners because each one sang extremely well… so much of sentiments and feelings poured into their songs and I and I was left wondering if I would really be one among the 10? My heart leaped with joy when I heard my name being announced as one of the 10 winners!

when I first joined the Seniors Have Talent competition, I had no idea that it was such a supportive team which included, Jeeya, Abhishek, Furqan and Pradyuman ji. Each person was so supportive and so encouraging, that I completely felt at ease and their encouragement calmed down my nerves. Can’t thank you enough!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you and the organising team.”


 – Usha Giridhargopal

“I used to live in Botswana, Africa, but returned to India (I live in Bangalore currently), three years ago. I live in a senior citizen complex which has a big hall, so I restarted my singing and dancing, picking the threads up from my younger days.

I love that this platform of Seniors Have Talent gives us seniors a wonderful opportunity to take part and enjoy our hobbies.

In terms of organization, kudos to the Seniors Today team. Your team follows a set formula of rules, the rounds were conducted fairly, they were organized; overall, the quality and level of the contest, is excellent.”


 – Vijay Shripad Kher

“Seniors Have Talent is the music contest which set an excellent example of hosting a huge competition online!

From the start, I felt there was absolute transparency, discipline, tremendous support, and guidance. The team is always smiling, genuinely warm and they continuously inspire, I observed this through the whole competition.

I was literally shocked to see participants of around 70/80 age group. I salute all of them. The enthusiasm, the energy and most of all – fighting spirit- was just mesmerising!

The song selection, renditions, the understanding, was beyond my expectations. In fact, I was afraid to perform in front of these age-old singing masters. Hats off to all of them!

Overall, I can say for new- comers is please don’t miss such a golden chance, as you will repent.

I heartily wish this Seniors Have Talent show a lot of success and blessings from मा सरस्वती all the time.

Once again, many many thanks to u all and my नमस्कार to all of u.”


Unfortunately, MS Rajagopalan is travelling, so we were unable to reach him to share his views. We wish him all the best, from the team at Seniors Have Talent.


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