Takeaways from Health Live @ Seniors Today with Dr Malavika Kohli

Takeaways from Webinar with Dr Malavika Kohli

On Saturday, July 4, Health Live @ Seniors Today hosted leading dermatologist Dr Malavika Kohli to address  issues around skin health for seniors.

On Saturday, July 4, Health Live @ Seniors Today hosted leading dermatologist Dr Malavika Kohli to speak with readers on issues concerning skin care for senior citizens as also respond to their questions.

Dr Kohli has been practicing for over 25 years and is a consultant dermatologist at the Jaslok and Breach Candy Hospitals in, Mumbai. She is the director of Skin Secrets – Prominent Dermatology and Aesthetic Centres and has been a consultant cosmetologist for the Femina Miss India beauty pageant, and has been a judge at Vogue Beauty Awards and Vogue Bridal Show.


Here are the takeaways from the Health Live @ Seniors Today webinar –


  • Common skin problems among seniors – As you age your skin gets thinner, your hormones change, repairing of the skin becomes slower, and like other organs in your body skin begins to lose its vitality. Due to this, you experience dryness of the skin – on the scalp and entire body. Your skin becomes prone to drug rash, fungal infections, rashes due to environmental changes, and allergic reaction to food or medication. 


  • Aesthetic skin problems among seniors – On the aesthetic side you begin to experience lines and wrinkles on your face, back of the hands and neck. Your skin becomes more prone to pigmentation and due to various health conditions, your skin becomes sensitive. Your nails begin to grow slower, they become dry and brittle. Your hair begins to lose the lustre, you may experience hair fall, balding. These are the aesthetic skin problems as you age.


  • Barrier repair moisturiser – The new generation of moisturisers, they not only provide moisture to the skin but also help repair it. Barrier repair moisturiser will help ease itching, relieve from rashes and keep your skin hydrated. 


  • A rash could be a sign of health conditions – If a rash does not go away with a good barrier repair moisturiser then it could be due to some health condition or a food allergy that needs to be looked into. 


  • It’s never too late to care for your skin – Whether you are in your 70s or 80s it is never too late to look after your skin. The skin responds but it responds slowly so one has to be patience when it comes to skincare. You will have to keep up with your skincare to reap the benefits of having healthy skin.


  • What you eat matters – For good skin, hair and nail health one has to have a healthy diet that comprises one red, one green and one yellow food items, a handful of nuts, flaxseeds, good amount of protein, carb and fat every day.


  • Warts can be cancerous –With age some people begin to notice warts on their skin. These warts are usually harmless and can be removed easily with a simple procedure using a local PU cream. However, sometimes these warts can be cancerous for which a derma scope is used, but such cases are rare in India. There are two types of warts viral and genetic. Viral warts can come from pools, pets, and massages. They have to be removed and have a tendency to come back. And if they are genetic the only way is to remove them.


  • How to pick up a shampoo – There are two types of shampoos detergent-based and non-detergent based. Depending upon your scalp you can pick a shampoo. If you have an oily scalp and dry ends you can use a detergent based, sulphate-based shampoo to degrease your scalp and use a conditioner for dry hair to nourish your ends. If you have a normal healthy hair then you can use a shampoo conditioner – rolled into one bottle. If you have dry hair then you have to use a more conditioning-based shampoo as well as a conditioner. If you have unruly hair then you have to use detergent-free, phosphorous-free, sulphate-free shampoos that don’t add to the frizz. Then you have the coloured, chemically treated hair, there are specially designed shampoos for coloured hair type that has less of chemicals, less of detergent. And then you have shampoos that prevent hair fall. These shampoos have caffeine, peptides, amino-acids, to nourish the hair follicles, help strengthen and prevent hair fall. Read the labels before picking up the shampoo.


  • Freckles indicate your skin is sun-sensitive – It is essential to use a sunscreen if you have freckles. In most cases freckles are genetic. If you have freckles you have to use sunscreen every day, twice-thrice a day. You may get treatments done but the chances of them coming back are higher. 


  • Sunscreens are lifelong partners – The newer generation of sunscreen are oil-free and silicon-based. When picking up a sunscreen look for a broad spectrum, it should consist of zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide. Keep in mind to pick up a sunscreen with zinc oxide. You can have an indoor sunscreen with SPF 30 and an outdoor sunscreen with SPF 50+. It is ideally to use a sunscreen twice a day, every day. 


  • Indoor lights have UV rays – It is essential to use a sunscreen indoor as well because the light emitted by our gadgets and in the house have UV rays, infrared or blue light that darken the skin. 


  • Remedy for dry brittle nails – Lack of biotin causes nails to become dry and brittle, especially with age. So, one can start with 10mg biotin for three to six months and then to 5mg biotin daily. This would be a good vitamin for your hair as well. Using a moisturiser with ceramides in it, helps build lost fatty layer of the nail. You can also use cold press virgin coconut oil.


  • Coconut oil for itchy skin – If you have dry and itchy skin apply pure coconut oil 20 minutes before a bath and use a gentle soap, pat your skin dry and use a generous amount of barrier repair moisturiser. Please be careful of falls as oil can be slippery.


  • Infrared light can cause pigmentation – Pigment cells are not only photosensitive but also heat sensitive – humid kitchens, ovens, induction stoves can cause pigmentation. To prevent your skin from pigmentation in such places apply a generous amount of broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide every two to three hours.


  • Moisturise your hands after washing – Frequently washing and rubbing your hands makes you hands dry. Wash your hands gently, do not rub them too hard, 10 minutes later apply some moisturiser. Do use a barrier building ceramide moisture to prevent it from excessive drying.
Dr Malavika Kohli can be reached at 9167239464 or 7045693499 for a tele-consult and via mail at malavikakohli@gmail.com



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