The Uses and Benefits of Herbal Oils – Part 5

Herbal Oils Part 5

Giloy or Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) is a well-known medicinal plant, which is abundantly used in different Ayurvedic formulations best known for improving auto-immunity disorders and joint afflictions. 

The herb has properties like Rasayana (rejuvenating property), Krimighna (anthelmintics), and Kushtghna (used in skin disorders), as described in ayurvedic literature.

Taila (oil) and Ghrita (ghee) are used as the medium in Ayurvedic Sneha (oleaginous) formulations.

The formulations have been evaluated for immunomodulation, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress activities.

Studies have indicated both formulations  to be active however, with the change of mediums in oil or ghee; their results vary at different levels:

  • Taila prepared from Guduchi was found to have an immune-stimulating activity. The formulation prepared with Ghrita exhibited an anti-stress effect with an immunosuppressing activity.
  • Guduchi Taila and Ghrita, are prescribed in Vatrakta (gout) and also indicated for Kushtha (skin disorder).
  • Guduchi as a dry herb powder with coconut tailam (oil) has proved beneficial for arthritis.
  • Some Ayurveda vaidyashalas also promote the oil for hair and skin conditions.

Guduchi Taila and Guduchi Ghrita samples, have been subjected to comparative pharmacological investigations, to assess the impact on our biological systems.

In conclusion, Guduchi oil is a major strengthening and reversing agent which helps balance all three doshas.


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