Ways to Spark Confidence @ 60

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Don’t let your age dim your confidence; instead embrace all life’s experiences and channel your inner confidence outward

The world may be obsessed with anti-ageing and portraying beauty as youth. In the real world though, there is no age limit to feeling confident. Beauty glows from the inside, out. ‘Taking care of your mind and body is essential and the rest will follow’ should be your attitude. 

Men and women of any age can ooze confidence, since confidence evolves with time. What made you feel confident at 30 is going to be different from what makes you feel confident at 60.  Identify these attributes and wear them well every day. 

Here are few ways to shine at 60 and beyond:

Smile – It is the easiest and most effective ways to spark your inner confidence. Did you know? Smiling is a natural way of getting a facelift. So, what if you have wrinkles or skin that’s starting to droop a little, smiling can make all the difference. It makes you look happy and more approachable. You even feel better when you smile more!

 If you have a cranky look it can be difficult to connect with people around, you. Whereas a smile on your face will help you feel more engaged with the world around you. 

Laugh – Laughter is the ultimate confidence builder that will make others want to be around you. Having a joyful nature will make you positive company to be with. There are many health benefits of laughing such as it lowers blood pressure, boosts your immune system, and is a great belly workout. 

There will be days when you may be low and that’s human too. Finding joy in the small things and having a great big laugh is the best medicine for any ailment. 

Wear your favourite outfit – Have a look at your closet and pick out the one that sparks joy that day. Perhaps de-clutter your closet every six months to get rid of clothes that make you feel sad or are ill fitted. Make sure the clothes that you pick out for yourself fit properly, wear colourful clothes. If wearing matching clothes makes you happy, go for it. Avoid wearing clothes that are tight or make you feel uncomfortable. Make a list of features that you would like and buy clothes accordingly. The idea here is to dress well and feel confident about your body. 

Walk with purpose – Nothing feels better than going somewhere with a purpose, it boosts confidence in your body language. Draw your shoulders back, lift your chin a little, pick up your feet as you walk and look as though you want to get wherever you are going – even if it’s to the dentist or your routine health check-up. Aside from making you feel and look good, walking with sense purpose can be beneficial even when you are traveling in a new area. Walk as though you know the area and know where you are going will make you feel confident about yourself. 

Groove to your morning playlist – Download some of your favourite, positive songs and pop groove to them while getting ready for your outing or while cooking a meal. Start your day with some great hits, sing along and begin your day feeling good about yourself. 

Dance – Sometimes turning on your favourite song and dancing to it will make you happy. Also, if you enjoy dancing a lot give some dance class a try. It could be any form of dancing that you like. You can also join online dance classes and connect with new people who share the same interest. Dance will allow you to experiment with movement and get those endorphins pumping. 

Keep up with technology – It is important to stay relevant with changing times. Just like you update yourself with latest news, it will be helpful to you if you keep up with the current trends of technology. Understand technology will help you gain a lot to stay connected with the world. From watching your favourite movie on a smart TV to digital doorbells keeping you and ordering things online, there are lots of small, easy ways to integrate technology into your life. Skype, Facetime, Zoom and other platforms help you keep in touch with family and friends. Try playing card games online or simply pick a new skill on YouTube will help you become smarter and confident.

Age is just a number, don’t let being a senior stop you from rediscovering yourself. Confidence is all about taking good care of yourself and enjoying life. Do what makes you feel happy and the rest will follow.

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