Friday, October 7, 2022

Aaichi Tilachi Wadi (My Mum’s Til Ladoo)

A treat of home – made til gool makes Sankranti even more special!

My mother’s recipe is for a kilo of teel 


1kg sadhe teel (sesame seeds)
400 gm peanuts
200gm suka khobra (dry coconut)
1/2 kg sugar
1/4 kg plain jaggery
powdered cardamom


Wash teel, take out grit and spread out on sack or cloth to dry – they should be damp; roast them till golden brown. Roast peanuts and grind them coarsely – in the mixer – you should not have big pieces, nor should it be too fine.  Grate coconut with the black skin, roast till golden, and crush with hand. Grind teel coarsely so you don’t see any whole teel.

Make a syrup with the sugar and gool – a little more than “2 taari” – you know it is done just right when you take a little between your index finger and thumb and it stretches into hair-like threads.

Add the rest of the ingredients to it, mix and set in a greased thali. Pat it to shape and spread grated coconut on top. The mix should spread quite smoothly. If the “Paak” has become too hard you will have to sprinkle a little water on the mix and heat thru before putting in the taat.

I think this makes 2 big thalis so you can halve the recipe.


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