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Takeaways from Health Live @ Seniors Today with Dr Amit Kohli

Why is physiotherapy important? What is aquatic therapy? What causes frozen shoulder? These and many more questions were addressed by senior physiotherapist Dr Amit Kohli

On Saturday, September 12, 2020, Health Live @ Seniors Today hosted senior physiotherapist Dr Amit Kohli to speak on physiotherapy for senior citizens.

With over two decades of expertise in physiotherapy, Dr Amit Kohli is chief physiotherapist and co-founder of Aqua Centric. He holds a Master of Orthopaedics and Manual Therapy degree from University of South Australia. He is internationally trained in aquatic rehabilitation with degree from IATF – Switzerland and Advanced Aquatic Therapy – South Africa.


Here are the takeaways from Health Live @ Seniors Today with Dr Amit Kohli


– Need for physiotherapy – With age, body muscles and joints begin to weaken and it becomes essential to maintain body strength and mobility. Physiotherapy is the medicine for treating physical body movements – poor balance, stiffness, severe pain, numbness… that affect your day-to-day functioning. 

– Importance of stretching and exercise – Due to the unprecedent outbreak of Covid-19, your routine walks, daily activity and cardiovascular health may have taken a backseat. However, it is important to at least stretch your body every couple of hours. Doing some light exercises or spot-walking for 10 minutes or walking around the house, or climbing two flight of stairs will help maintain mobility and improve cardiovascular health. The more sedentary you become, the chances of you experiencing stiffness and body aches are higher.

– Frozen shoulder and diabetes – Frozen shoulder is a common condition experienced by seniors. It is usually caused due to immobility of shoulder muscles/joints that further causes stiffness and severe pain. People with diabetes often experience intense frozen shoulder that can spread from one side of the shoulder to the other within a year. A person suffering from frozen shoulder will experience severe pain at night due to immobility of shoulder joints while sleeping. However, with three to six months of exercises and physiotherapy, the muscles are strengthened, and the stiffness, discomfort and pain can be put to ease. 

– 15 minutes thrice a day – Doing some kind of body stretching and light exercises thrice a day for 15 minutes will strengthen your muscles, improve cardiovascular health and boost your energy levels. You can do simple exercises that focuses on different section of the body. Climbing two flight of stairs up and down will improve cardiovascular health, you can use one litre of water bottle as weight training to strengthen your arms and muscles, a couple of push ups on the wall, table, chair… will help you use your body weight to maintain a muscle and bone health. Spot jog/walk will help you remain active. 

– Spirometer – It is a device that measures and helps expand lung capacity.  A spirometer with 1200cc-2000cc will improve your lung capacity and strengthen it.  

– Strengthening glute muscles and pelvic floor – After the age of 50, the glute muscles and pelvic floor becomes weak, weakening of these areas can cause pain ranging from mild to severe. It is essential to work the glute muscles and pelvic floor to prevent pain in the lower body parts. Active glute muscles and pelvic floor will improve knee mobility and help you move around freely.

– Aquatic therapy – It constitutes water-based therapeutic exercises to improve mobility and relieve from joint pains. In aquatic therapy, exercises are done standing in water, and due to this reason, there is ease in movement and less pressure on the affected areas. This method of physiotherapy is relaxing and has great impact on your physical and mental wellness. 

– DSA (Digital Spine Analysis) – This is a test performed to understand the functionality of the spine. It is mostly performed before and after months of physiotherapy to check the improvement. 


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Dr Amit Kohli can be reached at 8291828991 or 9372010196 or via email contact@aquacentric.com

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