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        Looking Back At Kashmir

        When a child is born the mother puts a black           How does one tackle life in our retirement
        spot on the baby’s cheek or forehead to ward off      years? The Story of Green Peas is one I have
        evil. Unfortunately, Mother India didn’t do this      known of personally. But I know that it occurs in
        for Kashmir. Or so it seems. Our Cover Story this     several families across the country. In the Indian
        month has been written by the late Sati Sahni,        situation where there is no social security, our
        India’s first war correspondent. His attention        children are our social security. Today, seniors
        to  detail was  tremendous. Born  and  bought  up     must decide how they would like to tackle the
        in Srinagar, Sahni had his pulse on the political     end-of-life situation when they may not be in a
        situation in Kashmir on a minute-to-minute            position to decide the course they ought to take.
        basis.                                                But  if they  have  left instructions,  made  their
         Sahni’s report assumes importance given the          wishes clear, hopefully their descendants will
        recent abrogation of Article 370 and the many         abide by their desires. It is not an issue that one
        references made to the Jammu & Kashmir                should run away from.
        accession  issue. With  his deep  connects  in  the    In the light of worries that seniors have for
        then defence and political establishments, Sati       their own future, Sonavi Kher Desai’s Toolkit is
        Sahni had more than a ringside view on how            essential reading. The one way by which aperson
        the  erstwhile  kingdom  became  part  of  India.     can take his/her own decision regarding his/her
        The text and pictures kindly facilitated by his       treatment is by means of an ‘Advance Directive’
        son Navneet, wife Prem and daughter Malti are         or a ‘Living Will’, she writes. It is a document
        exclusive to Seniors Today.                           prepared in advance by a person, expressing his/
         We will have more from Sahni in a forthcoming        her directions with regard to medical treatment
        issue. Wait for it.                                   in case of a situation of total dependency. If you
                                                              are a senior or have a senior in the family or
                                                              friends, you must ensure that they are aware of
                                                              the legal provisions of the ‘Advance Directive’
         We also have the remarkable story of Pratap           Going forward, Seniors Today will bring you
        Mulchand Dialdas, better known as Bhai Pratap,        more detailed advisories from Desai.
        written by his daughter Aruna Jagtiani. A
        staunch Gandhian, Bhai Pratap helped not just in      Best wishes,
        the rehabilitation of countless Sindhis who were
        rendered homeless by the Partition, but also
        helped  build  the  cities  of  Adipur,  Gandhidham
        and Kandla in Kutch. In his quest to build the        Vickram Sethi
        New Sindh in India, he built the Kandla Port.         Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

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