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        Collective Purpose, Collective Voice &

        Collective Power of the 60+

                          Now that we are living longer       community through the use of technology, peo-
                          lives, senior citizens make up      ple-oriented services and innovative methods.
                          an increasing percentage of the     •To value the rights, needs and living quality of
                          population. One in every 10         the elderly and to enrich their lives.
                          Indians is a senior citizen, and
                          this percentage is increasing,      •To empower them to lead meaningful and con-
                          bringing its own challenges.        nected lives promoting independence, creating a
        Seniors can often feel lonely or confused because     sense of belonging along with a sense of purpose
        of health problems, or being separated from           in life.
        family.                                               •To rid the minds of senior citizens of the fear
        Seniors Today will be a leading provider of           that age means decline and retirement means
        trustworthy health information, empowering            redundancy, loneliness, isolation, loss of prestige
        readers with practical strategies to improve          and so on.
        their physical, mental and emotional well-being.      •To achieve fundamental changes in the lives of
        Our content is written in friendly, jargon-free       seniors by empowering them to live full lives
        language that provides real-life contexts around      as actively engaged citizens and to secure their
        complex information, helping readers take             rights to comprehensive high-quality services
        important decisions about their health and also       according to their changing needs.
        making new friends. We hope to find a new way         •To address the growing problem of social isola-
        of thinking about seniors. We know people can         tion among the elderly.
        be creative and vital, no matter what their age.
        Comprising first-class editorial, beautiful           •To address the issue of financial and social
 INDIA’S LARGEST SHOPPING DESTINATION FOR SENIORS  photography and award-winning design, our   security in the silver and golden years. Senior
        pages are filled with distinctive content that is     citizens do not receive any pension from the gov-
        intelligent, timely and pertinent. Each edition       ernment, although an accepted principle is that a
        of Seniors Today will contain feature-length          person who pays taxes should on retirement get
        articles and columns on topics such as travel,        a certain portion back as pension. Senior citizens
        entertainment, shopping, dining, health and           in India do not get social security and are depen-
        wellness, and much more. We will continue to          dent on their children in their final years, and
        expand, providing our readers with information        that is a very unfortunate situation.
        that matters to them. What you are viewing is         Our organisation is dedicated to maintaining the
        our launch issue. In the coming months, we will       independence and dignity of seniors.
        have a lot more content, and information you          •Providing a range of programmes and services
        could use.
 Mobility Aids  Easy Living  Medical Aids                     to meet their recreational and social needs.
        Since it’s our launch issue, here’s a short           •Striving to be a diverse and inclusive organisa-
        ‘Mission Statement’ that will help you                tion reflecting the many phases and walks of life
        understand what we are trying to achieve:
                                                              that make up our country.
        Seniors Today will attempt
                                                              •Together we will genuinely strive to demon-
        •To be Collective Purpose, Collective Voice and       strate the principles of diversity and inclusion
        Collective Power of the 60+ population to change      that enrich our communities.
        the market based on their needs.

        •To foster independence, reinforce their commu-       Best wishes,
        nity involvement and ensure their dignity.

        •To enable the elderly to live a quality life of

 Gifting Ideas  Household Products  Orthopaedic Products  their own choice, to enhance living quality in the   Vickram Sethi
                                                              Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

                                                                                   SENIORS TODAY | Volume 1 | Issue 1
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