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          Arrogant and


          I Don’t Care

                                                                         Despite her phenomenal success, Lata
                                                                         Mangeshkar remains modest

        Singing legend Lata Mangeshkar talks to Subhash K Jha about her life, work,
        passions and the laughter that led to her being labelled ‘arrogant’

        Better known as the Nightingale of Indian filmland, singing legend Lata Mangeshkar is known
        to not give interviews very easily. She has been termed variously over the years: arrogant,
        reclusive, unsociable, but once you get her talking there is no stopping her. Didi, or elder sister,
        as she is fondly called, will turn 89 on September 28, 2019. In this freewheeling interview
        with Subhash K Jha, she talks about her life, work, passions and her relations with her
        contemporaries, including sister Asha Bhosle.  Read on…
        How do you assess your own career as a singer?
        If you ask me, I did okay. Achchha hai… Lekin aur bhi achchha ho sakta hai (I did well. But I
        could’ve done better). I’ve never stopped to admire any of my songs, ‘Wah wah kya gaana gaya
        That’s not for you to say. That’s for us to say, isn’t it?
        But I know what you don’t. I know the places where I’ve made mistakes in my songs. And an
        artiste should never be satisfied with what he or she does. There should always be hunger to
        excel. That fire….look at Bachchan Saab! That’s what keeps him going. No matter what your
        sphere of activity there must always be that hunger to do better. As a writer I am sure you also
        want to do better. With my songs also I always felt I could do better, even the ones that people
        today think perfect.

        Ok, which is the song that has given you maximum satisfaction?
        (promptly) The songs that I sang for my brother (Hridayanath Mangeshkar) in the album of
        Meerabai bhajans Chala Vahi Des. I always feel that I’ve done justice to whatever Hridaynath
        gave me to do. It has been my most successful endeavour to date. I’ve also done justice to some

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