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I travelled from Gstaad to Glacier 3000, and           the women’s bags, pushed the people to the
        Ranveer your face was everywhere. Again,               ground and ran off with their valuables.
        the place was full of Indians. Once you get to         All this in a matter of seven to ten seconds.
        the Glacier there is a service building, and the       This happens in Geneva often. The muggers
        second floor has a terrace with parents and            know that Indians have money and specially
        families throwing snowballs at each other.             women carrying the Louis Vuitton and Dior
        The complex has two restaurants. The fifth             bags. Post this incident, the group went to the
        floor has a shop selling touristy junk and             police station but the police refused to lodge a
        watches. I see Deepika’s beautiful face staring        complaint. It only happened after the victim
        at me as brand ambassador for Tissot, and              said that if he didn’t lodge his complaint
        also that of Virat Kohli -- not a great picture        American Express wouldn’t refund his
        with those tunnel nostrils. But ‘Mera Bharat           traveller’s cheques. This too happens a lot in
        Mahan’ bhaiya.                                         Switzerland.

        The fourth-floor restaurant serves a-la-carte          The Swiss find us loud, obnoxious, rude
        meals, stupidly expensive; a cup of coffee             and the most demanding of tourists. They
        cost 4.5 francs. The food was bad, it was              complain that we don’t stand in queues, lie
        as if they had served Wednesday’s food on              about our children’s ages to get a discount
        Friday morning. The staff resented Indians,            on admission tickets and urinate in public (I
        right from not giving us a table with a valley         have seen moms pull their little boy’s trousers
        view to extremely poor service. The waitress           down and let the kid relieve himself). A lot of
        served the soup without the cutlery and                Indians who have emigrated and are living
        desperate attempts to get her attention didn’t         abroad have integrated well into different
        work so finally we got up and fetched the              societies. And are aware of other cultures and
        cutlery ourselves. The rosti disintegrated on          sensitivities of the host country. Increasing
        the plate was perhaps a little past its best,          income levels have allowed many more
        devoid of any taste. We had unambiguously              Indians to travel abroad, who are probably
        ordered Cokes and she thrust a local drink             better educated and haven’t done anything
        called Zola on us. All in all, a poor dining           wrong - but there must be some truth, which
        experience. On the way down, we popped into            is why the Arce-en-ciel hotel hands over that
        the restaurant on the third floor. It served           sheet to every Indian. There may be a few
        Indian food, there was dal, palak paneer,              bad examples, and the stereotype remains
        masala gobi, chana masala… all accompanied             alive because some of us don’t quite know the
        by loud, really loud Indian conversation.              meaning of the word queue.
        A parent kept calling “Hetal Hetal” and I              Finally Ranveer, Cheetah ki Chaal, Baaz ki
        wanted to join the effort in finding Hetal.            Nazar, Bajirao ki Talwaar aur Bajirao ki
        Another mum was shouting for Paresh again              Raftaar Sab Sahi Hai, Par Yeh Indians ki
        and again. The Indians were having great               Pehchaan Kaise Badlein?
        time and I couldn’t decide whether this was
        Chokhi Dhani, Vishalla or Tikuji-ni-Wadi.
        Nevertheless, a good time was being had by

        Loaded and loud
        Four people were jogging towards a friend
        walking along the promenade at Lake Geneva,
        and before he knew it, the joggers rushed into
        him and his group of friends, put their hands
        in his pocket, fished out his wallet, snatched

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